College Friends

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
it’s been a long time since the last blog tat i updated. now, i’ve created a new one again and start blogging again. lol. nth to do, juz wanna waste some time to do something useful. haha !

well, let me begin the blog with the story of my college life. i’ve been studying in UCSI since 5th of May 08. At first, i really dun like to study at there bcoz all of my frens were studying at other college. However, it’s alredy 2 semesters im in tis college. Things are not like wat i expected. I managed to get along wif many frens in UCSI until now. And im happy and glad tat i have tis bunch of frens in college. =) they make my life more colourful and interesting. thanks alot !

Here are the frens that i’ve mentioned just now :
From left : Pei Shan, Pooi Yee, Kah Wai, Me, Yong Yi, Weng Yee

Next will be mr. reagan – he’s my best buddy. haha.

Gabriel and Daniel. handsome? lol. u say it.

This is Mr. Kia Xiang aka sleep monster. Can sleep at everywhere. haha !

This is Mr Weng Chun aka ah pek. haha. always joke around wif him. XD (the guy beside, duno who lai de, sorry)

Lastly, Miss Mei Teng aka Babi. haha. although she looks fierce, but she’s funny. always play around wif me. wakaka. muaks ! love misoprostol and best price sei you !

That’s not all. There are still alot of frens that i couldnt manage to get their pic. So, cant upload lor. Sorry ya ~ Therefore, i juz say their name la. Haha. They are, Mr. Weng Kit aka lame guy, Ken, Chung, Bryan, Lionel, Kiat Zai, Lek Lun, Chooi Yean, and Phoey Khee. i DO cherish u all. =)

That’s all for today.


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