Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
one day, me and my frens decided to make sushi at weng yee’s house. im the one who suggest the plan actually. why? bcoz i wanna learn how to make sushi lor. hoho~ lowest-price propecia costs us but, it’s not really successful. we forgot to put salt and sugar in the rice. only vinegar. wakakakkaka….bodoh !!
but, still can eat la the sushi. LOL~
here are some pic of the sushi tat we make.


well, here’s the result. not bad ga. haha..thanks for those who supported our sushi. and thanks to those who make the sushi, which are meiteng, kahwai, pooi yee, yongyi, weng yee, weng yee’s bro. =)

will try other thing next time i guess. haha. hope so la !

2 Responses to “Sushi”

  1. Nice nice sushi ah bii made for meeee~hahaha~!!!
    muakzzz~ but i wonder why the sushi all so sweet geh,hmmmm…

  2. got sweet sweet meh ? hahaha..i duno bii…bluek~

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