moody day

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

today not really in the mood la. dun know why. juz dun feel like talking to any1. went to one some after CE class. but bii havent there yet. so i wait wait wait, then he came. happy to see him. then help help at one some. then back to college for moral class. but the lecturer wasnt there yet. it’s already 2.30pm. cialis 5 mg then suddenly got some1 came in and tell us ” im regret to tell u all tat, CLASS CANCELED“!!!! we were!?!?!?! many student attended class today is juz for presentation and tips for finals. so do i. but, class canceled ! deng !! means next week need to go for moral class again !! duno wat’s wrong wif the lecturer, hope she’s ok.

then back to one some find bii. wait for father to come and fetch me home. reached home then eat, on9. then no mood larkkk…bii said call me, until now also havent call me. sigh~ sien.

hope tomorrow will be better. goodnite every1.

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