exam soon

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

my pc cacat-ed edi. duno why. currently using my bro’s gf’s laptop. cant really on9 tat much anymore. maybe the God wants me to study for my finals. LOL
my finals is around the corner. yet, i havent start studying. arghH~~ lazy arr….
juz got the heart to play only. and think where to go for xmas. haha..any suggestion? XD
deng !! see…tat’s wat in my mind everytime i think of FINISH EXAM tis word. hoho~ die lo.

hope i’ll really study as my pc is not functioning at the moment. haha ! my dear frens, any group studies, call me ok. thanks alot. xD

wont be updating my blog tat often, cialis pfizer wait until i finish my exam, which is on 18th Dec then i guess there will be more post ba. =)

finals pls end fast !!

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