Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

there are so many things that i want to say. u see, today i woke up at 3pm. i sleep like nobody’s business. although reagan and my dad calling me like thousand of times, but i didnt realise it. bcoz i put silent mode. ( so sorry for not picking up ur call, reagan. i thought no group study ma. T__T )

there are two reasons why i sleep till so late.

1st : even wake up early also got nth to do or eat
2nd : nobody will even care coz im home alone

even if im dead in the house, also no ppl will realise bout it. maybe u’re wondering, why dont i go out ta bao food eat? or maybe cook maggie mee? haha. my answer is im lazy to walk out to buying viagra in the uk mamak?? or maybe i prefer not to eat outside when im alone. maggie mee? i’ve always eat it when im home alone during time like this. but not today. im not feeling well, dont wan to eat maggie mee. that’s my answers.

didnt contact wif my bii today. why? bcoz i dun feel like doing so. yesterday he was not in the mood. yea, it’s bcoz of me. i knew it. and he sleep at very late again. yet he need to wake up early in the morning to work. that’s wat make me feel frustrating. ask him to sleep early as if im calling him to die. although he’s tired and sleepy, he also wont sleep early. yea, im complaining. i’ve complain bout tis matter all the time. he just wont listen. wat if i sleep late also? you’ll be the same like me also right.

about the trip on saturday, i really feel like wanna go melacca more than genting. it’s because of i went melacca only once, but genting? uncountable. but i’ve promised them to go genting first. can we go genting on another day? sigh~ i dont wan to disappoint anyone. if everyone change their mind and go melacca, everyone will be staying in the bungalow and have a great time together. how nice it would be. arghh~~ hou fan ar !

Thursday will be my last paper. have to study now.
hope every1 is happy with their life now.

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