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Friday, December 19th, 2008

muaahahaha~ final exam finally ended today! yesh!! introduction to probability and statistics. it’s over !!! hope can get at least grade B. i know my A fly away edi. the paper was tough for me. sigh~ wat to do. i didnt study for chapter 1. and it’s all out in Multiple Choice Question. lol~ who will ever thought that prob n stat final exam will have MCQ question right? D*u lor..
but nvm, over already. at least can pass la. muahahaha..

from now on, it’s holiday time ! lol~ will be having many many plans for holiday i guess. tml night will be yamcha wif my ex seniors and of course the long-time-no-see tee g-mun !! finally he’s back and i finally get the chance to meet him. hohoho~ duno he still can recognise me anot. ngek ngek~
oh yea, i’ve finally decided to go melacca. have to ffk my bestie weng and carmen. i hope we can go genting on next time ya. so, saturday, trip to melacca wif ex seniors !!! hehe~ what to do. my bii only free on sunday. cant go trip wif him ler. hmm.. will be back on sunday noon i guess. hope it viagra 50mg will be fun !

xmas eve? will be celebrating at my bestie, margaret’s house. i hope there will be a bunch of ppl which i never meet for decades. LOL~! i cant wait for it !! well, how about u all? how do u celebrate ur xmas huh?
with familes? boyfriend? girlfriend? or frenssss? anyway, hope u all enjoy this year’s xmas.
happy holiday every1.
have a nice day. =)

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