yamcha session @ pertama station 1

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

lol~ juz back from station 1.. met wif so many ex seniorsssss juz now.. there were, xian ken, liew, ccw, chris leow, choon, jit hoe, poobalan, kingsley, yuen loong, peter chew, and ofcoz our main guest, tee g-mun and his gf. =)

many ppl huh? haha.. all of us were ex-student of SMK Seri Bintang Selatan !!! *claps* owh, except g-mun’s gf lah. hehe.. we all had a great time there.. all were talking bout the old times where they always :

- late to skool, picked up rubbish as a punishment

- played computer games in class after skool (as our skool have 5 computers in each classroom)

- used card to open an empty classroom’s door – to sleep inside the classroom during assembly. LOL wtf

- used Outlook (our skool’s software that used to chat wif students in the skool) to msg all the student

- hide an answer paper under table, almost get caught by mr. loga LOL~ stupid g-mun

- dropped their hps on the floor during exam. yet the teachers didnt notice bout it wtf?

- played water on the top of our skool (damn canadian cialis pharmacy nice wei. too bad it’s closed after they’ve graduated)

- drew murial on the wall then get painted into white after few weeks LOL~ the teachers back then were so damn stupid !! waste ppl’s energy and effort !!

- hide their phones in their *tut* when there’s a spot-check session (they said if tat time so coincidence got some1 calling, wow..that will be so high. hahaha)

i could only remember all these rubbish that they’ve talked about juz now. it’s really so the funny when listen back to their stories. haha. for your concern, im not in the same batch wif them. i was 3 years younger than them. yet i was invited by them !! muahahaha..so proud of it. xD so i juz know a bit about their stories back then. now, i’ve know more bout their stupid-ness. hahahaha. really laugh off my pants there. ok lah abit over. but really funny ma. xD

we were having so many ppl there. ofcoz, we’re the most bising-est at there lah. chit chatting, and gossiping like nobody’s business. muahaha. so what? we’re big gang. you got meh? dun jealous =P

anyhow, we didnt manage to take photo, as they all dun really like to take photo and due to some people, they said they look not handsome today, bcoz they slept for 2 hours only. wtf.

but i’ll show u all their photos when they’re still in secondary skool. muahahaha. *devilish laughs*

top from left : ccw, omega, chris leow.
second row from left : tik han, duno wat name edi, chee kean, liew.
bottom from left : jit hoe, xian ken and g-mun

a nearer look of xian ken, haha. he’s cute lah ! xD

this is kingsley. dun ask me where the heck i get this pic from. i dun remember. LOL~

christopher leow. my kai gor. he was so handsome back then. now? hmm..maybe it’s caused by the power of love. hahaha..

top from left : g-mun, ccw, liew, chris leow
bottom from left : omega, choon, duno-who, chee kean, xian ken

p.s : this was the place where they played water back then

chee weng in uniform. he’s much more leng zai now ok. =)

choon. now goodboy edi. black coloured hair now. =)

g- mun aka digimon. muahahaha~

last but not least, me in uniform. looks different if compared wif now rite? hehe.
yam cha session ended at 1am. we sit there was like almost 3 hours. lol wtf.
anyway, will be heading off to melacca tomorrow (opps i mean later) wif ppl i mentioned juz now. =)
blog will be update after im back from melacca. stay tuned !!!
goodnight ppl.

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