Trip to Melacca – Day 1 @ Part 1

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

went to melacca on last saturday wif my ex seniorss as i mentioned b4.. the trip was fun ofcoz. haha.. but we missed out the 4d cinema.. it was closed when we get there.. sigh~ nvm..i’ll start telling the journey from head to toe. i’ll try to make it short. hehe..

around 11am something, choon called me.

choon : yi shan, im on

the way coming now.
me : ooh, okay. im well prepared edi.
choon : okok. later reach edi call u.
me : ok. bye~

he reached, then we headed to fetch sherine-or-something at ampang. but she didnt swith on her phone ! so we called loreal (her cousin sis), still couldnt reach her. while waiting for their call, me n choon went to Quan’s cafe at pandan indah to have our brunch. eat until 1 something, bosco (real name jeremy. he looks like bosco) join us as well, he juz finished work. he came, eat until 2 something, loreal called us, said sherine is on the way going back ampang. den we headed to fetch sherine, then fetch chee weng as well. reached tian yoon’s house at 3 something, all gathered there, then head off to melacca. weeeeeeeee~

due to some technical problem we reached there around 6 if not mistaken. lol

from left : bosco, choon, me, chee weng, sherine

while waiting for the management of the bungalow thingy

here we are !
haha. no lah. it’s the bungalow that next to our bungalow. xD

here is the real one. villa d armor d forsa. no. 803

these pic was taken on the 2nd day. tat’s why a bit messy there. lol.
by the way, it’s kinda big lah. enough to fit 15 of us. haha.. there’s another 2 master rooms which having 1 single bed, and 1 king size bed. the one im showing in the pic is juz some regular room wif queen size bed. the bungalow rental cost us rm600. each person have to pay rm40 only. worthy rite? weeeee~

we forgotten to bring along chacoal and ice. so, some of them went out to buy it. while waiting for chacoal, and ice.. this is wat we did in the house.

ah yik was cleaning the swimming pool. too free edi. lol~

liew : dun take my planta or i’ll kill you
yean : dun come near me or i’ll scream !

bosco and sherine sleeping in the other room

me and chee weng pillow-talking were get caught by paparazzi

finally they’re back from outside and we started our bbq session.

all act like a pro

yesh !! fire !!

lol~ although there is a fire. but..pls dun think that they are really pro. they used almost 1 hour only can start our bbq arr..

ta daa~

every1 helped me to bbq the food. my job is to spoon feed them only.
hahaha. sick ppl always so bahagia. xD

bosco bbq-ing himself. he said xD

finished bbq, it’s time to throw all the guy into the pool. LOL~
the first will be mr. choon. next, ah yik.

then bosco, liew, tian yoon, chee tuck, and ah teh.

chee tuck seems like very enjoy in the water

here is a video on how bosco was thrown into the pool. enjoy it. LOL~

next, chee weng’s turn ! he hid himself in the room. clever. haha.. but, no use lah. xD

all ppl thinking a way to get him out of the room

still thinking

everyone is waiting for him at outside of the room

still waiting

and waiting
but at last, chee weng surrendered and get himself thrown into the pool. if not, all duno wait until wat time..
ok. tat’s all for now. will be updating again soon. muaahahahaha~

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