Trip to Melacca – Day 1 @ Part 2

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

after chee weng was thrown into the pool, everyone was satisfied. everyone can bath already. haha.. everyone was well-prepared..okay! next plan.. go out and have some fun ! tat time was almost’s kinda late for the ppl at melacca actually.
we headed to Cowboy Town. it’s the very first time i’ve been there. it’s like some kind of fun fair. but, much more happening there. full of xmas feel there. =D

however, i didnt play anything there as i dun really wanna play. hmm.. but i did enjoyed the crowds there. oh yah, and i saw my fren from ucsi too. he is lek lun. muaahahaha.. wat a coincidence !! omg ~ okay forget bout tat. xD

once we reached there, all of us get excited and acted like a kids AGAIN. haha.. we were jumping here and there like never been to fun fair before. =__=
then choon, chee weng, and bosco went for a riding-cow-competition like the video below..LOL

they did go for bumper car and some kind of bungee jump as well. kekeke.. wanted to show video on it as well, but.. i think not needed lah right? =)

here are some random photos of us

the kids

choon wif donkey

mehhhhhhh. wan fight?

their si fatssss xD

erm..that’s wat we managed to do as the Cowboy Town closed at 12am. then, we were on bosco’s car, planned to go further, melacca town. bcoz now we’re in A famosa. so we headed off to melacca town. and.. every shops were closed ! wtf. forgotten that melacca ppl sleep damn early. sigh~ so we back to our villa. still not sleeping yet ! everyone was still so energetic.. so ah koon-or-ah goon organised this game.
here’s the rules :
- put dont-care how many cups in a row
- throw ur dice, get 1 or 6 means reverse
- add on chivas, coke or water in the cup based on the number of dice

that u get
eg : u get 2, add chivas on the 2nd cup

nevermind. can forget bout the game. i didnt get involve also. xD
finished the game. everyone suddenly forced ah liew to drink PURE chivas. lol. really omg. here’s the victim. lol.

p.s : please watch the video.

liew : dun kacau me !!!!!!!!!!!!

then everyone live happily ever after. hahaha.. continue play their own games and liew went to sleep. poor him. XD

that’s all on the first day in melacca. will be posting again very soon. =)

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