Trip to Melacca – Day 2

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

everyone woke up very early. but me? 11am. have to check out at 12pm. muaahahhaa.. but i very fast only ok. but still late, coz got 2 ppl missing their wallet. found one. but another one still missing. inside got alot of money. about rm500. shit ! poor chee tuck. T___T

take pic b4 going back while others still looking for the wallet xD

forget bout the wallet. after we checked out, we headed to cowboy town again to look for the wallet. just try our luck. but unfortunately, cant found any wallet also. sigh~

hav to giv up la..

then we headed to our next stop : jonker street
we had our lunch there. well, wat can we eat at melacca? ofcoz the famous round round chicken rice lor.

the sohais queue-ing just to eat the chicken rice. LOL

for me, the rice was ok. but the chicken.. not really that tasty. swt. then we walked around at jonker street. looking for other tasty food. =)

duno what cendol edi

wanted to eat more. but..duno wat to eat anymore. and im already very full. xD.

then we continued our journey in jonker street. walked a while then have to go back already due to the weather in melacca. as we all knew, melacca’s weather is 24 hours hot. but not on that day. it’s going to rain soon. so we have to go back. take some rest in the car while bosco driving.

so relaxing

but he’s actually driving up to 160. =___=

reached kl at around 5 something. i reached home at 6pm. after cleaned everything, went out AGAIN to have dinner wif my bii and his family at Noble House. it’s gor dung day. that’s wat we call in cantonese. old man said dung bigger than lin (chinese new year). too bad i didnt eat wif my own family. sigh~ but it’s ok. food in Noble House were great yet expensive. but nevermind. not i pay, uncle paid for it. lucky me. xD
too bad no picture of the food. it word : marvelous. that’s all for the day. then went back and sleep =)
more post coming up. heeeee~! merry christmas everyone !

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