Xmas eve at Margaret's house

Monday, December 29th, 2008

hamster at marg’s house

celebrated xmas at my good fren, margaret’s house. bbq AGAIN with my all ji muiz, jia khee, vye khee, carmen, weng chee, and margaret. oh yes, my bii was there too. weee~

to be honest, it’s kinda bored there as margaret’s relatives were there too. we didnt really mixed with them during the bbq session. but still, im happy that jia khee and vye khee were there. =)

it’s been ages i didnt see them. no lah. where got so long. last time was national day, at bar celona. hehehe.. really miss them so much. they said this time is last time they coming back kl edi. i really feel like wanna tight them up and never let them go. sigh~

i reached marg’s house around 5 something. while the others already reached there at 1 to 2 something. when i reached, how to buy viagra in canada they’re already preparing food for the dinner.

chicken wif mayonese

my bii curi makan

after everything well-prepared, me, bii, carmen, jk, and vk went to leisure mall to buy present. jia khee and vye khee didnt buy any present for our exchange present plan. headed to leisure mall around 6pm, walked around to look for present that cost rm10 to rm15.

monkey that i bought for bii. cute leh !! xD

back to marg’s house at 7.15pm. they’ve already started built up the fire. started our bbq and eat eat eat talk talk talk. =)

left to right : carmen, vk, jk, me, weng chee

see my expression. LOL

weng chee, carmen, yishan, tallen, vye khee, jia khee


the twins =)

finished bbq, drink beer. then present time. =)

mine !

like it ! muahahaa.. thanks CC

bii’s present. it’s chocolate.

after exchanged the presents, went for movie at balakong jaya jusco. watched YES MAN !
kinda funny. rate it 7/10

finished movie at around 2am. continue our plan at KK food court at tmn len sen. yam cha at there until 3 something. took some pics there before leaving. =)

carmen, vye khee, me, jia khee

love u two !

me and bii

something bad happened after that. but dun really wanna mention it here.
nevermind. it’s already past. everything is ok now.
hope everyone is happy with their christmas celebration. =)

good night everyone ! ^__^

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