25th December 2008

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

It’s christmas day again..what can we do on such special day? sleep at home !! hahaha.. tat day slept until 3 or 4 pm. duno where to

go, what to do. then finally decided to go The Curve. why? because the decoration there nice and best to take photos. LOL~

reached there around 7pm i think. while waiting for ka wing, his girlfriend, telwin and another bitch (which have the same name with me, shan shan..deng !!!) me and bii had our brunch at tepanyaki.

then walked around until the shops closed. nothing i can buy bcoz my pocket money left rm55. wtf. then meet up wif ka wing they all at McDonald’s and took some photos.

outside cineleisure

the street

me and bii posing stupidly

ka wing and his girlfriend

telwin and the bitch

then went to watch movie, The Spirit at 12.05am. not really that nice. i’ll rate it 4/10 only. LOL~ finished watched movie, that bitch (now i’ll tell u why i call her bitch) commanded instead of asked my bii to fetch her to klcc as her frens were there. so ok, my bii sure will fetch geh.. when we’re almost there, she used my bii’s phone to call her fren, den her fren said they’ve already left tat place. and you know what? that bitch commanded my bii to fetch her back to her house which at Pandan Jaya. wtf?!!? all the way from The Curve to klcc, then back to Pandan Jaya?!?! she’s really damn rude. no manners at all. she ruined my mood. damn it. waste my bii’s petrol and hp credit !!! wtfknsscb !

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