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Friday, January 23rd, 2009
Recently im into DBSK again. some of you might be asking, who the F are they? DBSK stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki. Well, they’re popular boy band from Korea. and im in love with them since 2 years ago ; after i went to their concert at Stadium Merdeka on November 2007. xD

Although they’re from Korea, but they sang Japanese, Chinese and English as well. However, I prefer their Japanese songs more. Who said i dont understand what they’re singing? This world got one thing called TRANSLATE geh ok. Their songs really superb. They can dance very well too. Yes, im spreading virus. muaaahahha.. but it’s ok. i know

many guys wouldnt like this DBSK. why..? LOL~ ask them. But u cant stop me from admiring them right? No critics on them please. xD

okay, so here’s the silly video¬†’bout them that i found in youtube. it’s really really super duper funny. must see it if you feeling sad or no mood. it helps a lot. hahahaha.. super dummy.. enjoy it ~ ! ^^

*Hero is not in the video clip. sigh~ the one that i admire the most. = (

I’ve decided to start learning korean language from now on. i hope i can keep it up until i really master SOME of it. hopefully i wont give up that fast. hahaha…

korean word of the day :
a simple one
anne yong haseyo
which mean

proper way to pronounce “anne” = ann
not an ne okay

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