Tiring day

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

It’s friday. and i got no class. but i woke up at 10.40am. why so early? because my bii wants to go Boundlezz at Sungei Wang. what’s so special bout Boundlezz..?  lucky bag promotion. =__=

The picture below tells you what promotion it is.


So here’s the Cow Year Lucky Bag promotion. There were 88 bags in a total. Each bag cost RM 388. Each bag contains a Tee or Shorts, a cap and RM200 voucher. Not only that, there were also some “secret items” in it. Those secret items included a Visvim Ballistic E-Cat 18 Messenger Bag, Vans x Simpsons kicks, 400% UNDFTD Be@rbrick and many more. All were worthy things which cost really Fking high (highest was rm7500) and u can just buy it at RM388. Well, maybe it’s not easy to get the most expensive one. But, who knows right? My bii just go and have a try lah. xD

We reached there at 11am plus. But then, no ppl at there queuing or sitting at there at all. LOL~ unexpected. We thought it would be a lot of ppl start queuing early in the morning. Hmm..my fren,Yuen Cheng (queenie)reached there more early than we do. My bii asked her to queue for him if she reached early. LOL. so bad hor? xD

Since there was no ppl at there, so three of us went for our brunch lah. thought of eating at the sixth floor, sushi-station-or-something. But the workers there said havent ready yet. =___=
Eh, we’re too hungry edi, cant wait any longer. lol. decided to eat at Tepanyaki. yummy~ eat and chat non-stop with Yuen Cheng. It’s been a long time since the last time i saw her. She leng lui edi. ^^
When both of us sit together, really can talk non-stop geh. Both sampat. LOL~ ( sorry to my bii if we make u feel boring )xD

After eat, walked around to find shoes. I need a new shoes for the coming CNY. Around 2pm, my bii have to back to the Boundlezz to wait edi. The promotion started at 5pm. So, me and Yuen Cheng continue our journey-of-finding-shoes lah. LOL wtf. Walked until super tired edi still cant find any nice shoes OR clothes. so, we sat down and have a drink at sixth floor. Asked my ex senior, Chooncome along as he also in Sungei Wang. And yeah, Choon said he saw our fren, Cheong Mei Teng (our secondary skool fren). So Yuen Cheng called her and asked her to come along. Mei Teng’s younger sis and elder sis also came along. hahaha..macam some kind of cheap generic cialis uk gathering aje.

After chit-chat for a while, my bii called and said the promotion starts soon. So, i went to Boundlezz to look for him lah. The promotion started and the 1st person bought 20 bags. WTF?!?!?!?!?!? 2nd person bought 20 also. 3rd person bought 25 bags. 4th one bought 10. so now left 13 bags. my bii was at the 6th place. We thought still got chance, but the 5th person bought all 13 bags. didnt left any bag for my bii. T____T really WTF. they’re really damn RICH lor.. 25 bags !!! try to multiply it with RM388. =____=

But luckily, there’s still project B. Another 88 bags to be choose. My bii still get the chance to pick 2 bags. =D
Although he didnt get the things that he want badly, but still worth for it. The things that he get were two t-shirts, two subcrew caps, one Vans, one Sagawafuji Hand made Wooden Frame  and 2 RM 200 voucher.

*Pictures will be upload once i get the pictures from my bii. =)

After the promotion ended, me n my bii continue shopping. And i get myself two nice shirts, one pants, and one pair of shoes. =D
thanks to my bii again ~! kekekekke…

Midnight went for movie with bii, Jin and Arthur. Thought of watching Red Cliff at the very first. But !!! Jin’s fren bought the wrong ticket for us !!! end up watched All’s Well End’s Well. swt !! wtf ? we didnt know bout it until we went into the cinema and sit down wondering “eh..are we in the right hall?” then check ticket. OMG~ *faint*
The movie was ok ok only. i’ll rate it 7 out of 10. It’s funny. But a bit lame lor. =___= and the story also not really that nice only. sigh~ dissapointed. The movie got leng zai Louis Koo only i rate it so high. LOL

Finished movie, went to Saga Hill for yam cha. Chit-chat until 3am plus, the mamak wanna close edi, but we still havent finish our topic yet. =___=
no choice, have to get lost also. so we balik rumah loh. Out from home since 11am until 3am. OMG~ u said i tired anot? =___=

Korean word of the day :
ne, aniyo
which mean Yes, No

proper way to pronounce aniyo = anyo

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  2. haha honey~ only I knew what’s going on…

    your bii so lucky also what… haha
    and those people were so Siaooo bought so many??
    wondering where did they got the money from?? hahahahaha!

  3. hahaha…
    my bii considered ok ge lah..although didnt get the most expensive one..xD
    they arr….sure get from family lorr…
    all so young…all bai ga zai…hahahaha..

  4. Hey.
    Wah that night you and tallen shopped till so late. Anyway, I had fun on that day too. hope to hang out again. lalalallalalala…

    Btw i watched that movie All’s Well End’s Well too. Same. I dont think it’s funny tho but if you watched the old version damn funny. but this one i think i laugh the hardest is the part ronald cheng kept saying: ah ba, ah ma, wo dai jor pang yao farn lei ar. keep saying till very farn =.=”

  5. Queenie >
    haha…yea lah…damn 7 late..=___=
    LOL..bagus..i told many ppl bout the movie not nice..but after they watched it..they said ok ma…dengss…
    only u, weng chee, and carmen agree wif me..hahaha !!! we’re same gang..
    haha..yea..tat part funny lah…actually many part also funny..but…not like wat we expected loh…it shud be DAMN FUNNY ma…right? xD
    old version better..=D

  6. HAHA. yea. actually original olld movies are better. hard to get back the original one though but sometimes astro got show lah. got one more funny part frm that movie i’d say the part where they cant talk during dinner. then the sei ngan zhai says: good i agree. then kena pay everyne. damn funny. XD

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