Chinese New Year = Gambling

Friday, January 30th, 2009

well, it’s Chinese Niu Year. which mean gamble time as well lah~~!! LOL agree bo?

The day before CNY :
- went to 5th gu ma‘s house eat tuin yuin fan
- watch tv
- chit-chat
- play gin rummy
- reached home at 3am
- sleep at 5am


all together got 9 dishes. yummy !!! =D

CNY day 1 :
- bii came to my house bai nin
- cousin sister wif her family came also
- went to dai gu ma‘s house for dinner and get angpaos
- back to home gamble wif brother’s frens
- out for movie ( Wedding Game ) wif my bii at 11pm plus
- back to home continue gamble wif brother’s frens until 6am
- sleep

CNY day 2 :
- went to 5th gu ma‘s house bai nin and get angpaos
- gamble at there, lost RM2. LOL~!
- had supper at mcD wif bii, daddy and brother
- reached home at 2am
- sleep at 5am

CNY day 3 :
- woke up at 2pm
- follow bii to his fren’s house at duno where edi, but it’s

- reached at 4pm or 5pm
- gamble at there wif a bunch of friends until 11pm
- went to Pavillion to watch Red Cliff at 12am
- finished movie at 2am plus
- reached home at 3am
- sleep

CNY day 4 :
- stay at home until 11pm
- reagan and kiat zai came and fetch me to ah yik‘s house to gamble
- gamble until 3.30am, lost RM 11
- went to yamcha wif reagan at my house nearby until 4.45am
- reached home at 5
- slept at 8am

CNY day 5 :
- stay at home
- went out a while see my bii
- sleep at 4am
(what a boring day)

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