Happy Birthday to My BiI~!

Friday, February 6th, 2009

On 5th of Feb, around 11pm, my bii celebrated his birthday at Neway with his colleague from One Some.

The next day, 6th of Feb, 2pm, i met up with my ji muiz, Weng Chee and Carmen at Pudu, Yang Guang. Eat with them, gossip with them, laugh with them. Sat there for

about 2 hours. =D

Then we headed to Pudu Plaza to buy cupcakes for my bii. Before that, i told my him that i got no present for him. Muaaahahaha.. eh, ofcoz the cupcakes are not the present lah. swt ! Continue reading ok? LOL~

Then we continued our gossip topic in another cafe until 6pm.


weng chee’s-dunno-what and carmen’s honey peach tea

I met up with my bii. Gave him the cupcakes. AND my D.I.Y photo album ! Yes, i make it myself. Dont play play, i make until 4am. Those who knew me for ages, they knew that i wont be so super-got-the-heart to do such thing. Because im just lack of creativity. LOL~! Although the photo album is simple, but this photo album was filled with my sweats and blood. LOL~!

Here it is :


due to my careless mistake, it became cacat-ed =___=

My bii was surprised and at that moment, he’s really speechless, i can see. ngek ngek.. xD
He see until half way, i stopped him. coz alamak, i dowan to see his reaction lah. lol.

Then we headed to Times Square to buy something for Mei Teng. ( Dont wan let u all know what is that. It’s the secret btw me n she ) Thought of going back after buying it. But then, it’s bii’s birthday right? How can we go back just like tat? wtf

Then i told my bii that the Andy Lau‘s movie on air edi. He wanted to watch it so badly. And yes, we watched it. Please take note..THE MOVIE IS DAMN NICEEEEEE~! I’ll rate it 9/10 !! Watch it if u’re a fans of Andy Lau. xD

We watched until 9pm plus. Decided to have our dinner. Kept thinking what to eat as both of us left not much money. Cant eat any expensive thing. Sigh~

We headed to Pudu and eat the Hakka Yong Tau Foooooo. My bii like to eat very much geh.




Then my bii sent me back. His frens dated him to Zouk later. So, i have to go back lah. I cant join. Im not 21 yet !!! Sigh ~! So, that’s all for the day lur. I hope he enjoyed the day. =D


* the picture of cupcakes will be upload once i get from my bii k. =)

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday to My BiI~!”

  1. honey happy birthday to you ah bii
    you didn’t go out celebrate with him?

    night, muacks*

  2. bii,i just reach home ah,dun feel like wanne sleep,cos i needed to make sure tomorrow i buy all the stuff in order..

    so bii ah,tomolo i’ll find u when i free ok…?
    lup u,muakzzz~!! =)

    thx u for everything bii…

  3. Sweetie > hehe…got lah…i celebrated wif him in the afternoon to night…xD

  4. Bii > ah bii so notty so late sleep…hmmph~ no need thanks lah bii.. i didnt do much thing also aa..as long as u happy lur..=)

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