Nonsense Day !

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Yesterday went to Reagan‘s house for the open house ceremony. Reached there around 10pm plus. Thanks to Eng Kian for fetching me. =)

Everyone reached already. Me and Eng Kian were the most late one. At the time we reached, all the food were vanished. GONE !  LOL~ i mean finished lah. Nothing left. Self-thinking : super hungry wor !!

Nah, never mind.. i can stand

with it. Just treat it as diet loh. Apa yang susah? haha..

11 something, all of us headed to BRJ for next round. It’s been a long time since the last time i went to BRJ. Kinda miss there though. xD
Ordered my favourite roti telur and teh ais.

9 of us including Reagan, Eng Kian, Joanne, Han Jie, Sam, Chun Yik, CheongKar, Desmond ( if im not mistaken ) and me.. chit-chat, and laughed like nobody’s business there. Don’t take us to the tanjung rambutan k..?

At 12am, Kiat Zai and another gal ( sorry i duno her name ) joined us. Continued our topic and our plan of going Genting later. Swt ~ i wanted to go so badly. But i cant. The next day im having my undang lesson. DENGSss ~! At last the plan canceled also. Due to some reason lah. It’s ok.. next time lur~ =D

All of us get off at 1am plus. There were 11 of us right? Guess how many cars were there? 6 cars. WTF. I reached home at 1.40am.

Online till 3am plus. Get myself on the bed. Rolled on the bed for few hours. Until 6.30am. Okay. It’s time to get up. I need to prepare myself by 7.15am. Going for undang lesson. And hell yeah..i didnt sleep for the whole day. Until the undang lesson ended. GREAT HUH ?!! !@#$%^&*()(*&&^%%$#@!@

Reached the place which is at Bangi at 8 something. Class supposed started at 8am. But our fking-special class started at 10.30am. Wtf. Waste our time by calling all the names.

Break time at 11.30am to 12pm and 1.30pm to 2.10pm. I was freaking sleepy in the class. Thought i can sleep in the class. But “thank god” i sat at the front !! Really thank kiu lorr for make me cant sleep =____= Class ended at 3pm. Tipu duit geh. Supposed got 5 hours of lecturing. But he taught for 3 hours plus only ! Very clever maaa. NAH ..l..

I reached home at 4 something. Online a while do some stuff. GO TO SLEEP. My sweetie adviced me to sleep also. Ok lah, since i already 27 hours didnt sleep, ate my roti telur yesterday, and my little bread within the 20 hours. I think i can go DIE already.

Sleep for 2 hours then woke up go out eat dinner. Until now..

Let’s us see some picture, shall we?  =D


the weather is so damn hot !


going to canteen which dun have anything else eat except nasi lemak


the place where the motorcyclist trained themselves


the class



the rulesssss


long time no see friend, geok ching =D


both facing different camera =___=


outside toilet


soh poh face. muahahaha ~

Although long time no see her already. But we still talked a lot like last time. Muaahahaha.. We’re 38. So? xD

4 Responses to “Nonsense Day !”

  1. heeeheee honey guai lah~
    hope you’re sleeping tight tight now…


  2. hehehe…sweetie.. yesterday i slept at 1am plus ba i think…until the next day 12pm..xD syiok ~~!

  3. haha now is my turn to insomnia….
    i didn’t sleep for the whole night sei mou…
    later you sure can see my panda eyes…


    really honeydew……………….

  4. hahaha…sweetie…u sot geh la….=____=
    say me late sleep…u pun sama jek….ishh…
    next time dun drink teh tarik jorr…LOL~!
    yam gung aa !!

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