My Valentine's Day

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Define Valentine.

For me, it’s just a normal day. Nothing special. Maybe many girls wish to receive flowers on NOT the one. What for wasting money on flowers that cant live forever? It’s just last for at least one week only if we dont take good care of it, right? Oh, u wanna talk bout those fake flowers? Yorr..u wan buy those for girlfriend mehh?? xD

So, instead of buying flowers.. why dont u give me the money and let me buy whatever things that i like? LOL~!

If u’re a girl that really like flowers and will spend ur time on flowers, then i got no offense laa.. im just telling out my thoughts. =)

The day before Valentine :

Went to IKEA with my bii to buy something for bii’s cafe. We reached there and had our brunch at The Curve, SAKAE Sushi.



keep order order order =___=




tofu tofu =D


Salmon Belly


Fulled with Wasabiiiii. SYIOK !


Finished ! xD


im fulled~ =D

Finished our brunch, walked around IKEA to see anything special or nice anot. And i found this..


super cute doggie ! xD


the dog wants me to bring him back T___T

LOL..too bad..if we bought it, then me and my bii also will be broke.. i cant take u home doggie..sorry T___T wtf

Continue our journey..and this little room caught our attention..


i do really like this kind of room


sampat again =___=

After buying things in IKEA, went to Popular to find books. ( im book worm. hell no lah ! ) I wanted to buy those DIY ( Do It Yourself ) books. =D Recently im interested in all these kind of things. Weird huh? Hehehe..

Found many of DIY books. But..nothing special or cute enough for me to buy it though. Hmmmm… Spent about 1 to 2 hours in Popular.

Later on, i found one slipper that kinda nice..and most important’s cheap.. so i bought it. xD
Then the shops are going to close soon, we have to leave.. da bao food back to bii’s house and eat.


bye bye !

Until 12am which mean Valentine’s day..i asked my bii to go down to get something from his car. So, he went down and found things that i put it earlier. And he was surprised.. Muahahahahha~


dolls that i made myself !!!!! thank kiu ~~!! cute leh? XD

Valentine’s Day :

Had our brunch with Seng Jun (bii’s fren) at Pudu, Fat Kee chicken rice if im not mistaken. =D


Went to Sg Wang and we reached at 4something i guess. Bii went to Clashcut to cut his long hair. And i went to shopping AGAIN ! OMG~ im addicted already.

Things that i get on that day :
- Shoes
- Bag
- Necklace
- still got something that bii havent giv me yet XD

After that, it’s time to eat again.. we went to Wai Sik Gai at Pudu to have our dinner. Although we didnt have our candle light dinner, but it’s ok since yesterday we already ate at Sakae Sushi.

I can understand that we

both dont have much money. A simple dinner for valentine will do. As long as we’re fulled. =)


the famous chee cheong fun

And we cant simply waste money anymore. =____=


focus on our shirts. xD

4 Responses to “My Valentine's Day”

  1. yoooo honey so sweet loh~
    sweet dou bao loh~
    haha hangfuk forever ya!

    and honey your handmade toy was awesome! so damn cute!
    nah……….. I’m your sweetheart I want you make one for me on my birthday! haha
    thanks 1st :P

  2. hahaha…
    thanks sweetie…actually it’s my first time doing sewing things…LOL~! XD
    hmmm….make one for u arrr?? cannot surprise liao loh like tat…..hahahahhaa

  3. haha then errr.. make something else… haha


    night honey!

  4. hahaha…
    i’ll think bout it sweetie…xD

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