Farewell to Babi Blur T.T

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

My good-est babi, Blur will be leaving Malaysia on this coming Friday. Sigh~ really feel super duper damn sad aaaa….shit ! Why all friends also leaving one by one ?? It’s really sad you know..

On the 20th of Feb, we had a little farewell party for her. Swt. Not really a party la..juz have our dinner together loh. Having our dinner at The Curve, Laundry. People who attended were, Biao Mei, Carmen, Me and another two invisible people. LOL~! ( Tang Win Nie ffk ! ishhh~ )

We followed the invisible person’s car. Blur had a little accident while she’s on the way to the destination. Thank God she’s ok.

We reached there at 7.30pm. Meet up wif Carmen and Blur at TGI Friday first. Then headed to Laundry lor. Blur make the order.


i duno what name. fried sotong. LOL


duno what name also. spaghetti lah. LOL

and another one Carbonara and Classic Pizza. =D

We didnt managed to finish all of it although i’ve tried so hard. LOL~!

Then we chit chat a bit. Now i’ll tell u why i said there’s two invisible people. When we were chatting, the another two juz keep talked to themselves in their very own world. WTF ? It’s Blur’s farewell wei.. respect lah. She’s leaving soon..You guys dun even wanna talk to her? OMG lor.. Sigh, nvm..i know my Babi Blur will be happy enough when she get my handmade pig. LOL!!!!


i know it doesnt look like pig lah deng ! but i very san fu make geh ok~ XD

Finished our dinner, then we gotta leave. Blur needs to fetch her sister. So, we leaved without taking picture, and hugs. SAD !!! I didnt ask for taking picture with Blur because i know it’s kinda awkward as she dun really like to take pic. But..we supposed to take no matter what, right?? OMGWTF..T___T


but me and biao mei kepoh take pic after blur left worrr..=___=

The invisible person then fetch us back. Me and Carmen get down at Leisure Mall, Station One for next round yamcha. Before that, we walked to the opposite for the pasar malam. Then walked back to Station One again. hahahhahahaha… Long time didnt walked so-the-far already. Damn tiring and HOT ! xD

Yamcha with Carmen’s college friends which i do not know. Yea, i’d like to get to know new frens. And yet, im friendly enough. LOL !!! xD
So, why not accompany her? hehe..i get to know Belle, Michelle and Alan. This world is really not that big. Belle is actually my sister’s fren !!! LOL. Great. It’s really nice to know them as they’re really super duper crazy. =____=

The whole cafe fulled with our laughter. Damn LOUD. Even the singers there can keep skin edi. LOL~ We laughed until 2am. Muahaaahahha..feel so happy on that day..laughed until my jaw dropped. swt ~ thanks to Carmen for introducing such people to me. LOLwtf

To Blur : Babi, u know i will surely miss you de. Although we’re not always yamcha together, go out together or do whatever shit together..but..i believed that our friendship is strong enough already, right? I truely, sincerely treat you as my good friend. I hope you wont forget me when u get there ok. Bring along that PIG so that u will always think of me. LOL. kinda yuk ma edi. But..let me continue yuk ma lah ok~ im glad that i know u this good fren. Always listen to my story. Always crap with me and make me laugh like hell. Maybe sometimes u’ll feel frustrated with my stories..im sorry if i make u feel so. There’s too many things that i wanna say..but if i say too much, i’ll cry for sure. So, i’ll just stop it here. Last but not least, i love u and i’ll miss u for sure !!!! *hugs*

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