Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I’ve been staring the monitor for 30 minutes and im still wondering what shud i write about. I felt uncomfortable in my heart. And i wanted to say it out too. But i juz duno what to write. WTF !

What does FRIENDs mean to you, people ? People who can be used? People for you to find whenever you’re in trouble? Or people that you wan to share about your ups and downs?


do not know what FRIENDs mean to me. But i know that i do cherish all of my friends. More than anyone. Even those who are not close with me, im glad that i know them and i do cherish them too. Because it’s fated. The God wants us to meet and giv us the chance to know each other. That’s why i’ll appreciate it. The close friends, we have go through so many things together, get rid of it, cried together, laughed together.. They make my life become more colourful and so on. That’s why i love them.Hate those people who neglect their friends because of their love ones.

It’s true that i got my boyfriend as well. Of course i do love him and cherish him too. Both are same important to me honestly. I cant lose any of them either. Say me stupid, childish or whatsoever.


Close Friends


Weng, Me, Carmen @ One Some

Im having mood swing these few days. Always feel sad when night comes. Not because of Auntie Visit lah. Maybe it’s because of my fren will be leaving Malaysia soon ba. Whenever i think of it, i’ll start to cry. It’s true that we still can chat in msn, see each other in webcam. But, i still feel it’s very far lah. Like Jia Khee said, it’s like everyone you treat sincerely, left. ( so meaningful ) Sigh~ help ! I dont wan continue like this. I need FRIENDs to talk to me, or out for yamcha at night !! I dowan to be alone. Dowan to think the negative SHITs.

Like i said, although you’ve many friends around. But..when you’re feeling sad, you cant even find any1 to talk to..that’s really pathetic. Yea, this phrase is for me. It’s already few times i felt the same way. Whenever im feeling down, i wanted to look for someone that i can talk to, searched for my hand phone’s friends contact list. There’s hundreds of them..but none of them i can talk to. It’s not like i dont trust them or whatsoever, but it’s midnight 3am or even more late. Who can i find? And it’s not just a simple talk wif them. I need to go out for yamcha with them then only i’ll feel better. Yes, that’s me. Who will be willing to go out to yamcha with me at 3am right? So, like i said..it’s really pathetic you know..

That’s why I’ve tried to not go home that early when i finished my class everyday. Tried to find people yamcha after class. Thanks to Reagan and Kiat Zai for accompanied me on Monday and Tuesday. And Wednesday, felt so lonely when i was in Malaysian Studies class. No mood at all. Dont feel like talking to anyone although there were bunch of us sitting together. Finished class, no yamcha on that day..Thank God my bii were there for me. Went to pasar malam with him. Back home, until now, 2.25am..i felt lonely and sad again. Damn it.

1 more day to go then I’ll be seeing my Babi Blur for the last time. She’s leaving on Friday morning, and yeah, i will go to the airport to see her and hug her. Not like the some1 so called heng dai who dun even care bout blur’s leaving. Hope i wont cry on that day. ( she so wish to see me cry for her. swt )


due to our mou liu-ness, we did this in one some XD

*Spot WENG, YYS and HIME ? It’s our names.

There’s still many things that i wanted to say. But my brain is not functioning anymore. It’s 2.58am now. And I’ve successfully finished my post in 2 hours. LOL~! wtf

- sorry for being so emo -

2 Responses to “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”

  1. shan .. I felt the same way as you
    I wish somebody can accompany me but ..
    as what you said
    you cant find one to talk to
    not just talking on the phone
    but someone who really stay beside you
    though there’s silence but still feel comfortable
    you can call me for talk
    but sorry i cant be there for you to hug
    or for you to lean on
    how good if the time could turns back

  2. yeah…it’s not easy to find some1 who can really comfort u..
    talk on the phone with you will be hard for me to speak..as i would like to say it face to face..
    i’d really miss ur hug and i really wanted to hug you and cry for at least a while..
    that’s already enough..

    time cant turns back anymore..we shud look for the future..
    hope we still can meet in the future…still the same ji muiz that always stick together no matter where we go..

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