My Little Pets

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

I would like to share something cute with everyone who reading my blog. =D

It’s all about my hamsters.

The first hamster that I owned was given by my ji mui, Jia Khee. It’s already few years back then since the day she gave it to me. If im not mistaken, it’s 2 years ago..when we’re in Form 5.

By the time she gave me, the hamster was already pregnant. Few days after i take care of the hamster, there’s few more little hamster appeared in the cage. LOL~

I was shocked and panicked at that time.  I quickly called my fren and asked what should i do. And of course, i managed to take care of them.

The first time the mama gave birth, there’s 7 of them. She ate one. Maybe she’s hungry or too scared of something.

Here are some pictures that i took on them. Enjoy it. LOL


the babies


nearer look. yuck !


they’ve grew up. spot them? =D


cute? ^^

After they all grew up, the son do sex with the mama and the mama is pregnant again. LOL~ wtf ??

Then i separated the mama from the sons and daughters so that they wont disturb the mama.

The mama gave birth for the second time. This time, there’s only 6 baby hamster. By that time, I’ve already

owned 12 hamsters + 1 mama on my own. =____=

As they grew up, they started to fight. I have to separate them again. But i do not have so many cage or tupperware, or whatever thing that can put them in. So, i have to give them away. T____T

Again, the mama was pregnant. With her son again. LOL~ The mama gave birth for the third time ! And guess what, there’s 6 of baby hamsters AGAIN. If i didnt gave it to other ppl previously, i’ll be having 19 hamsters in my house now. LOL~

I’ve continue giving the hamster to other people as they grew up. Left 7 with me. 2 died. Now only left 5 hamster with me. And you know what, the mama is still with me. hohohohoho~


the mama : let me out !


mama : i’ll eat until u bankrupt WTF


front view of mama xD


from the third generation son


second generation son


first generation son

* he is so dai pai..drink water also need to lye down. dengs


this will die soon i guess.

That’s all about my hamsters. Now left 5 of them only. They’re cute isnt it? xD

Hope you all enjoy it. And start to love hamster more ! Lol~

Today presentation did quite well.
Thanks to all the group members.
And thanks to everyone who willing to spend their time to listen on our presentation. =D

3 more days to go

6 Responses to “My Little Pets”

  1. haha honey really so darn cute lol those hamsters….
    I want hamster too!


    but I’m those kinda blur careless girl I worried I couldn’t take good care of them…lols….hahahahahaha tell us more about your cute hamsters…..! share share us more……..

  2. wow~~
    mom gave birth son’s son twice tim…-.-
    u should seperate them earlier la..
    luan lun u know…

  3. hahaha…
    no worries geh…dont need to take care much about them also…just put those makanan in the cage can dy…and ofcoz water…=D
    when u’re free only go play with them..and clean up their mess luu….hahaha…
    ask ur dear bye hamster for u k..? not expensive one..xD

  4. hahaha…yea worr…
    but nvm laa…they dont mind…what for we care? LOL
    it’s good that they make love…
    more cute baby hamster to see ma..xD
    now i separate them more new baby lu…
    put them together then they fight pulak…=___=

  5. wow…
    so much incest going on with ur hamsters…
    i wonder why…
    mom to hot???
    or daughters too ugly??? LOLZ…

  6. Alex..? may i know who r u..? hahaha..
    well, i also dont know why..
    maybe there’s no daughter at all..
    all sons…
    i dont know how to check their gender also..LOL

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