My Memorable 19th Birthday – Part 1

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

This year birthday, really did surprised me a lot. I can tell u all that I’ve never celebrate any of my birthday like what i did in this year. Continue reading if you wanna know more. Hehe..

20.03.09 – The Day Before My Bday

Stayed at home, waiting for boyfriend to come over to take something from me. He reached, I go down opened the door, he asked me to go up and take the thing for him. I went up, he came up.. with two of my JI MUIz !!! SURPRISE ~~!!!

Both of them shud be in Kampar. But my bii asked them to come KL to celebrate my birthday. OMG. I really never expect that they’re here. Right in front of my eyes. I really miss them a lot and i thought i would never celebrate my birthday with them. Thanks alot to two of them and my bii. Jia khee recorded my expression at that time using her hp. DEngs. Luckily i didnt cry out. Muahahahah~

Four of us went out after bathed. Went to Ampang to have our dinner.


second time eating here. NICE~!






BBkill them !


kimchi soup and dont-know-what-beef soup


the twins. =)


the couple


we’re done ! incredible huh? LOL

Went to Pavillion after that. Walked around, and take pictures. Feel like wanna eat the Mr Baoz, but all of us were so full. Mr Baoz looks delicious. I wanna try it long time ago. Here’s the picture of it.


i’ll try it next time !



While waiting for movie, went to Glitters near the cinema to have a drink. Took some pictures there. LOL~ i just cant stop taking pictures because im too excited to be with them ! =D



Watched movie named ‘City Of Ember’. Not bad. I’ll rate it 8 over 10. Try it peeps. =D

While im watching the movie, all my friends sent me sms to wish me happy birthday. LOL~ thanks a lot, friends.

Went back to my bii’s house with Jia Khee and Vye Khee after the movie. Staying overnight there and waited

for the next day plan.

- to be continued-

2 Responses to “My Memorable 19th Birthday – Part 1”

  1. honey happy mou
    sorry ah hmmm after final exam we go dating k?
    haha i spend you eat hmmm your favourite sushi k?


  2. hahaha…sure happy…’s ok lah sweetie…
    btw, u free to dating with me anot sweetie..=P
    waa….sushi expensive lah moi…if i eat, i’ll eat alot..hahaha….
    eat till u pk arr…LOL~

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