My Memorable 19th Birthday – Part 2

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009


It’s finally my birthday. Woke up early in the morning, went to Times Square around 11 plus. Meet up with Weng Chee and take our brunch at McD. The twins said Kampar no McD. Long time no eat edi. So, since it’s almost lunch time with the McLunch which is so cheap..

we decided to eat McD. Carmen couldnt join us as she said she got something to do and surprise for us. It’s okay. We’ll be meeting at night by the way. =)


yummy !!

Four of us did talked alot. It’s been some times since the last time we met. For sure there will be a lot of topics to be talk about. My bii joined us after he fetch his brother and fren to One Some Cafe.

Finished our brunch, walked over to Sungei Wang and start shopping. We shopped for 3 hours and i still didnt get myself anything, while the twins already get few things for themselves. Hmm.. went to Little Taiwan to have a drink and rest at there as all of us already tired like shit.




nothing special at all. =.=

Weng Chee left early because she got assignment to do. My bii went to Clashcut to have a hair cut while the three of us continue our journey..hunting for more clothes. Walked until 8 something. LOL~ we walked since 11am until 8pm. WTF~ imagine how tired it is !! I didnt get myself anything while two of them bought a lot of things. It’s ok with me. As long as they found what they want. I’ll be happy as well.

Headed to Taman Billion after that. Will be having dinner with Weng Chee and her bf, Carmen and her bf, Jia Khee and Vye Khee, and ofcoz my Bii at Rendezvous Steak Garden. Im glad that they’re all here. =D



my carrot milk




fondue chicken


my favourite cheese chicken ^^


finished !

Finished eating. Weng, Carmen and Jia Khee went to toilet..for quite long. I was telling my bii, “dont tell me they’re going to take cake ar..” My bii didnt say anything. I already can guess. But then, they came back. Nothing on their hands. Pheww~~ It’s time for me to open the present that given by them.


The time i opened it, the cake came from my left in a sudden. OMG~ the present and the cake did surprised me a LOT ! Hahahaha…thanks a lot girls.

They asked me to use my mouth and take the candle out. For god sake, I must do it. Then…Jia Khee pushed my head on the cake !! WTF~ Luckily the cake was jelly cake not cream cake. THANK GOD im safe. Muaahahahaha..


first time cutting cake. hands were shaking. LOL~




happy birthday to me !


group pic


Ji Muiz picture


the sampat-ians


the leader of sampat group LOL~

Had a great time with them. Thanks again for the present. And thanks for everyone who attended. Especially my Bii who asked everyone of them to celebrate with me. Appreciate it a lot. Besides thanks, i dont know what can i say more. Terima kasih, arigato, xie xie, doh jeh, thank yoU~~!

And also thanks to 40 person who wished me through sms, msn, friendster, and my blog’s chatbox.

Love you all ar !!! =)

-to be continued-

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