My Memorable 19th Birthday – Part 3

Friday, March 27th, 2009


It’s time to say goodbye. The twins need to take bus back to Kampar at 9.45am. The day before, we planned to have breakfast together before send them to the bus station. However, we had some ‘pillow talk’ last night which we talked until 2am plus. Therefore we couldnt wake up early to take our breakfast together. So-the-sorry. Me and my bii woke up at 9am, and straight away send them to Pudu Raya bus station. Here’s some picture that i took on that day.


the twins


thanks for everything bii

Bye bye to the twins. Really feel a bit sad to witness their leaving with my own eyes. I need to hold back my tears so that they can go without sadness. I really feel appreciate for what they did to me. Love them a lot !!!

Will be going to Kampar on May to meet with them again ! Cant wait for it…See u girls there ya !! =)

Went back home at night, going out again at midnight for yamcha. This time, quite unusual. Yamcha with Chong Kar and Esmond. Hahaha~ kinda fun to be with them. At least i wont feel awkward. LOL~ thanks to both of them. Back to home at 2am plus. Need to wake up early for college in the next day. Great.


Reached One Some Cafe early in the morning. Sat there wandering around until 1 something. Went for class after that. And i get this from my college friends.


not sure what it is?


it’s photo album la ! xD


they’re cute !


wrote by ken =.=


picture that we took the other day


ppl who shared this present. thanks a lot !!


and their signature

Haha~ it’s really cute and i really need some photo album as well. Thanks to everyone of you – Kah Wai, Pooi Yee, Yong Yi, Pei Shan, Ken, Ah Pet, and Kia Siang. I like it so much ~! Muaks muaks~!

Oh yeah..have a look at the present

that my Ji Muiz gave me the other day.


im using it already ! see for the difference soon ! ngek ngek~

That’s all the things that i get from my friends. And i get RM50 from my sister as well. OMG. Unsangkable !!! hahahahhahah~~

Oh..almost forgot…i get something from Reagan as well..


zadao 99 =.=

Hahahahahah~~! Anyway, thanks la wei…=D

-the end-

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  1. wuiiiiiiiiiiii………………….
    happy belated birthday soh po 123…………….

  2. haha..
    thanks soh poh..

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