Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

It seems like I’ve abandoned my blog for quite some time. Sorry for that. I’ve been busy for the whole week.

Rushing for writing assignment and practicing for presentation. At last, the assignment were submitted today. Left one last presentation to go which is on this coming Tuesday. Then I’ll be facing my finals soon. Sigh~ kinda worry bout it. Let’s not talk bout it. =D

Last Sunday, I’ve finally took my undang test. And guess what. Failed or Passed? Well, the day before my test, I actually went out to mamak to study with my bii at midnight. LOL~ Studied until 2am plus, it started to rain. No choice, have to go back. And my bii accompanied me at my house while I’m studying. I studied until 4am plus, and get some sleep. My bii already slept on my lap earlier. LOL~ it’s okay. I just need him to be by my side. =D

Woke up around 6 something to get myself prepared. Yea, I just slept for 2 hours. Awesome huh? LOL~ Waited for Geok Ching and uncle to come and fetch us to the place where we sit for the exam. They reached at 7 plus. Keep talking with Geok Ching in the car and asked things that I’m not sure about. Reached the destination, but it’s not opened yet ! Aduh~ ! I thought our exam starts at 8am. But 8.15am only started to register. There were a lot of them who waiting for the test. Luckily Geok Ching and I were on the first team. Started the test at 8.40am. Finished after 21 minutes and 41 seconds. And yes, I’ve passed the test. Phew~~~!

I get 44 over 50. Although the result was not as good as what I thought. But, at least I’ve passed and I didnt wasted the effort that I’ve put in. And I dont need to resit for it. Muaahahaha~

Cant wait for the 6 hours dont-know-what lesson and driving lessons. I need a license fast !!!! xD

2 Responses to “29.03.09”

  1. CONGRATS !!!!

    next mission will be the practical text,parking,hill and on the road !!!

    Get urself well prepare ohh~!!
    Anyway,be4 u have the text,i’ll be ur DEVIL TRAINER~!! NGEK NGEK NGEK !!!

  2. really ah bii?? ngek ngek….xD
    im willing to ‘die’ on ur hand…..=P

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