Friday, April 10th, 2009

I get many complains from my friends bout i didnt update my blog. Ish~ sorry lah..I also wish to update. But all the pictures is not with me. So i have to wait as well. Today, I finally get all the pictures

from my friends and my bii. And now, I can start with my blogging dy. Wheeeeeeeeeee~~

The very first time i did my presentation was in this semester which is Malaysian Studies subject. The presentation is about funerals in every culture. We acted on the spot on how the Indian’s funeral goes. It was a success back then. Too bad my group members and I didnt managed to capture any video or pictures on that day. It’s really a waste !

Since it’s the day that i wearing formal shirt, so i have to camwhore a bit



Honestly, it’s really weird to wear formal shirt. I mean on my body. It just look weird. Aduh~ too lady i guess. xD

Next, the second time presentation was in Film and Arts subject. It was fun though. Same thing with Malaysian Studies but slightly different. Our presentation is about the story of an ugly woman who always been discriminated by everyone. We did it by recording it as a video.

We spent almost one day for the recording as there’s too many times of NG ! We cant stop laughing at the time we acted. The dialogue, the characters, the tools that we used, everything was funny and….FUNNY ~! Wtf~

Everyone of us put a lot of efforts on it. We tried very hard to act it in a humorous way. The video was great. Even the lecturer laughed and praised us by saying “good job, i think everyone did enjoyed the movie” Awww~ never expect that it would be such a big success. Our group was the best among the groups that have presented earlier. *proud*

But I have to admit that, groups that presented after our group, they also did very well. All of them were great. Their videos were excellent too. But we’re not weak as well. *evil laugh*

Anyway, thanks to the people who supported us. Hope u guys did gave us a high mark. Also thanks to ppl who edited the video, Kia Siang, sound recorded by MeiTeng, KahWai, Chung, and AhPet.

Here are some of the pictures that we took on the rehearsal day.




helping the MAIN character to make up


here it is LOL


the leng zai prince (vomit)


ppl who always bully the cinderelly


ppl who act as my bf


me – the one who scolded the cinderelly like shit xD


devil vs angel


ppl who singing hip hop song discriminating Cinderelly WTF


the director of the film !

The story is mostly about the Cinderelly who always being discriminate by her friends. Hated by everyone. One day, the Leng Lui A was being raped by the rapist, Cinderelly came out in a Heroin way, throw bottle at the rapist, kick him with her kungfu fighting skills and managed to save Leng Lui A. WTF~

In the end, the Prince was spelled by the Cupid and fall in love with Cinderelly. And they live happily every after. HAHAHAHAH~ i cant show u the video here because it’s…a shameful video to show here. LOL~ For the ppl who attended Film buy steroids safely and Arts class on 7th of April, I bet u guys laughed like hell. xD

It’s good that we’ve given much of freedom to do our presentation in our college. Maybe it’s because we’re still in the Foundations. There will be more formal presentation when we get our ass to Degree, I guess.

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  1. Well done and u guyz did a great job!!!!

    u all deserve the praise and honour~!! Hooraayyyy~!!

    Well,2 more subject to go then u finished ur exam~!!

    Good luck and all the best~!! Support support~!! =)

  2. hehehe…
    thanks bii…

  3. haha really laugh off my ass!
    honey miss you nehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. haha…good then…the video is just to make every1 laugh..xD
    hmm…u arr…i few days ago keep sms u…also cant…dont know what happen..T___T

  5. huh? what happened oh honey?
    something wrong with your line or mine?
    did you receive my msg? I sent to you last night about the google adv one…

  6. i think urs ba..
    tat day after i get the writing result, i wanted to msg u, but cant..i asked kahwai send to u..also cant..
    but the next day i send to u again, u said u get the result edi..
    that day i did received ur msg bout the ads..sorry for no reply err..
    i think ur line now ok edi ba..=D

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