Okonomiyaki Hiroshima style

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

I would like to introduce something nice here. I heard that this shop already existed since long time ago yet i dont know anything bout it at all.


This is the shop that I mentioned just now. It’s located in LowYat Plaza, lower ground. Maybe you’re wondering what’s so nice about this shop.

Okay, let me prednisone dosing explain. Did you ever eat or hear of Takoyaki before? If yes, then you’ll know what’s the taste of what Im going to introduce here. If no, then what are u waiting for? Just go and have a try. LOL~


Here’s the menu. The logo is cute, right?


there are many choices



they teach you how to cook too. LOL how cute

Me and my boy ordered the SUPREME SET.

The set included one supreme okonomi which consist of vege, pork, cuttle fish, prawn, mochi, ikaten, soba and egg.

Not only that, there’s still another plate of yaki udon with the same ingredient i guess. The yaki udon was superb. Super duper delicous. LOL~ wtf. But I didnt manage to take a picture of it.

And yeah, there’s more. Two glasses of tea ( honey green tea or another tea which i forgot what it is for you to choose ) which you can refill, and one kimchi were included in the set.


the supreme okonomi


the honey green tea which taste so gooooood

All these costs us Rm 39.50 including the service charge. Worthy?

For me, it’s a yes because it taste real good and it’s really make me full. Yummy~

Opps, one more thing.. the cooker is a leng zai with nice body shape ! Too bad i didnt take his picture. LOL~ xD

Try it peeps ! =D

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  1. sei poh you
    gap zai in front of your boy?
    haha how dare….

    honey I’m sick leh… pity me =(

  2. hahaha…
    wat wor…he also praise tat guy leng zai ge lehh….xD

    yor..why sick one…after back from genting then sick…
    at genting wear sexy sexy leh u !!! *beat u*

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