Hennessy Artistry Event @ The Loft

Monday, April 27th, 2009

The story starts like this….


Yatz : check out the nuffnang post on Hennessy Artistry..then leave comment..u might get free pass.
Me : har? what’s that?
Yatz : club la..
Me : ooh…okay..=.=

Seriously, I still dont get what he mean. Hennessy Artistry? Club? Hennessy is a club or what? Hahaha..

I really dont know Hennessy is a brand of an alcohol. Deng~~ sorry lah..im just 19 years old. Duh~


i get what he mean after reading the post at here. LOL~


Yatz : i get the pass..but you didnt get the pass ar..
Me : swt..why ah?? why u get but not me ah?
Yatz : coz im special lor…*evil laugh*
Me : =.=

Disappointed betul.. until the next day..

My bii : today nuffnang ppl called me..ask me whether going for the event anot..
Me : huh?? u get meh??
My bii : abuthen.. so i can bring u go la..
Me : hahahaha….hou !!! xD

Yay~ Im in ~! LOL

Actually im not that desperate to go for it la. Im just interested in the place; wanted to see how the place looks like, and get to know more friends. =D

So.. went to The Loft on 23rd..with my Bii, my brother, Yatz, Hikaru.. It’s my first time meeting with the bloggers or i should say nuffnangers. xD


yes ! thank kiu Cheapest price on cialis ! xD



the dancers


the bloggers


Yatz, me, tallen (my bii)

It’s kinda fun at the beginning. But…


Everyone seems so bored after some time…




Real bored !!

So..Me and my bii went out of that place for a while to kill boredom. xD



sienz look =.=

Many people left the place very early. So are we…We reached there at around 11pm…but we left at 12.30 am..LOL

This shows that how boring is that place la..

So we went to NZ cafe for a drink after that..many of the bloggers joined us. First time having tea with so many of them ; the ‘seniors’ in nuffnang. Aduh~ felt so awkward. Luckily some of them were friendly though.


picture stole from Zues

Here’s the picture of us. Picture stole from Jessica.


spot me? xD

That’s the end of the story. Reached home at 4am if not mistaken.


it’s such a nice drink anyway. =D

Oh yeah..the drinks were free flow. Only to VIP? Im not sure. Anyway, thanks to nuffnang. =D

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  1. I love Hennessy Apple~!!!

  2. LOL~
    yeaa…not bad…=D

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