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Sunday, May 10th, 2009

I had been searching for Pan Mee all around the world. LOL~ dengs. Just kidding.

Seriously I like to eat Pan Mee very much. Wherever there is famous or delicious Pan Mee, I will ask anyone to bring me go and have a try.

Recently, I’ve tried this Pan Mee that is kinda special for me. Thanks to my bii for bringing me there..


It is located in Kuchai Lama. There are many choices of Pan Mee which is not same as the normal Pan Mee that we usually eat. For instance, Herbal Chicken Pan Mee, Knife Cut Pan Mee, Lat Jiu Pan Mee, Chili “Ma Lak” Pan Mee, Curry Pan Mee, and of course, the Traditional Pan Mee.


Here is the Knife Cut Pan Mee. The special thing about the Knife Cut Pan Mee is the soup. It is boiled together with dried prawn for 357951 hours. The soup taste like… omg-im-in-love-again. Lol~ wtfish ! Order cialis usa The price is only RM 6.50.


Here’s the Herbal Chicken Pan Mee. The taste of the soup is so sweet but still, full of herbal taste. You can choose to have the soup spicy or not. While the chicken is tenderly soft and it’s not a problem for people who having teeth problem. The price for this Pan Mee is RM7.

With the addition of

chillies that provided, the Pan Mee will be superb delicious. But of course, it makes u sweat a lot too ! Hahahaha..

Here’s the consequence of eating spicy without any consideration. WTF


tons of tissue that have been used =.=

* Anymore nice Pan Mee?

Do leave me a comment if u know any other place with delicious Pan Mee. =D

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  1. I know there’s one in Sri Kembangan. ^-^
    This really make my stomach goes hungry~

  2. Zeck > oh really? I’ll have a try next time. =D

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