New Semester In UCSI

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Started a new and very first semester for my degree course this week. Supposed started on last week, but i only went for 2 days which is totally go-for-nothing besides meeting with friends and blow water with them. Sigh~

Felt so boring with the environment. So many new faces tat i saw in college. Most of them are china girl. Felt so uneasy. LOL~ i wonder why.

Went for classes this week, everything was normal when i entered my college. But, my jaw dropped when i entered my classroom. The classroom is big. And it was fulled with students. WTF~! I cant even breath when i entered the class.

Some of the students even took chair from other classroom to attend the lecture. The classroom was totally FULLED ! Cant even move ! Some prescription flagyl students even stand at outside to listen for the lecture. =____=

Me sitting inside really cant bear with it and caused me a headache. The lecturer start teaching without using a microphone ! How the hell she expect us to hear since her voice is soooooooo “sexy”.

Please la. Have a limitation of students on every subjects. We pay to study. Not to have a sauna there.

There’s even a student who fainted yesterday in class C409. Omg. The air-conditioner is really not cold. And i believe tat the air didnt flow well

too. I wondered wtf is going on with UCSI.

Is it the college’s facilities being useless? Or is it because the people inside the classroom having big nostril until they inhaled all the oxygen and left only carbon dioxide in there? You tell me.

Dear college, please do something about it la.

6 Responses to “New Semester In UCSI”

  1. this ucsi only know how to increase our fees and their facilities and management are like crap.

  2. Alli > yea..u’re right..

  3. yupe. there are many new faces along my college’s hallways too. made me felt like i went back to the first day in sem 1. classes are not as fun as i expected but moving on. hope u have great days too! =) take care!

    ps: must be your nostrils the biggest in class. *shakes head*


  4. Queenie > LOL~ classes are not fun anymore to be honest. I dont know why. Sigh~ anyway, my nostrils is how big…u know right…LOL~!!! dengs

  5. Haih~ My classes also ok ok. Not to say not fun but not exactly looking forward to it. Just attend for the sake of attendance and fees gua? Don’t be like that bah. cheer up! very fast can enter degree =D


  6. Queenie > haha.. im already in degree loh boss…tat’s why not fun..T___T

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