Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Went back to this place again after some time. Really miss this place so much. It is the place where me and my ji muiz used to hang around in the past.

While I was sitting there, it makes me think back the ups and downs that we go through in the past few years.

The place where I met with my so-called-bf and also my so-called-fans who tried to woo me back then. Awh..it’s sweet to know that i actually got fans. LOL~ wtf !

Not only that, me n my ji muiz did

celebrated our birthdays at there too.

The place used to be OUR WORLD, as in we’re the BIG sisters there. Why do i say so? The reason is simple, the time we step in, there will be a lot of faces that we knew. prednisone 100 mg From left to right, inside to outside, all of them were friends.

Yeah, it’s something like, if there’s someone who get bullied by any outsider, he or she is dead. HAHAHAHAHHA~ WTF !!!

Just kidding. We’re not gangster. Maybe we like to mess up with ppl around, but NOT kungfu-fighting. We only use chair whack scream at each other.

It is the place where we get to know friends, where we lepak before we go for tuition at Seri Berjasa aka Perijaya, and also a place for us to do revision before our Exams. =)

However, time flies without knowing. It’s already 2 years since the day we lepak there. All of us were busy with our own new life now.

I wish we could back to the past. Having life without worries, without motive, laugh like nobody business. Sigh~ i know it’s impossible.


my ji mui having constipation there. hahahaha.

Alright, now let’s talk bout the food there. The food there is still delicious as always. But the price is increasing rapidly. Two years ago, the price was at RM4.50. Two years later, RM5.30.

Whoaa…increased of 80 cents within 2 years. A HUGE changes !

And yeah, two years ago I was sitting there listening to SHE’s songs in the cafe, two years later, still with the SAME CD. Hahahaha~

Nothing change, only the price changed !

But for the sake of god, i still want to go back and flash back our moment there.*wink*


The Nam Yee Chicken Rice and Curry Chicken Rice

Need not to mention, the food there is nice nice nice although it’s a bit expensive. But, it’s ok to eat once in a blue moon right? =D

Let’s have a look with the surrounding.


The place for you to leave ur contact message there


The never-change-wallpaper. HAHAHAHAHAHHA~


Fulled with students.


The lou ban leong aka ah jie. Ignore her expression. xD


Err..i dont know what is this. Something she put for decoration. LOL


Here it is ! We called it Yang Guang or Yeung Gwong in cantonese.

It is located at Pudu, behind of majestic bus stop.

Drop by to have their bubble milk tea too. It’s nice. =D

Now, who wants to go with me? LOL~

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