Monday, May 25th, 2009

I think probably most of you know who is A-Sun or some of them spelled as A-Sang. But for those who dont know, she’s a singer from Taiwan. The real name is Judy Huang Yanlin.

A singer who practiced so hard to achieve her dream. She sings at pubs, and built up serious live show experience before she became famous.

A-Sun with her well-known theme song ‘Ye Zi’, or ‘Leaves’ had caught widespread public attention. Not to forget, her hit song ‘Ji Mo Zai Chang Ge’ or ‘Lonely Singing Song’, which is a remake of 1970′s classic song ‘Moonlight Flower’ by Michael Cretu.

Her nickname ‘Sang’ was the idea from ‘Cang Sang’ which suggests unpredictable changes in life in Chinese. The name was adopted by her record company, as people learned a strong feeling of sorrow from her sophisticated melancholic tunes.

However, her dream come to an end on the 6th of April 2009. She was died due to the fact that

she’s having end-stage breast cancer for the past 6 months.

Her battle with the illness ended after six months of chemotherapy, reported China Press.

A-Sun, who supported her mother, was portrayed as a tough woman who never complained about hardships in life.

“Everyone was in shock when they heard about her death as she had been keeping her sickness to herself, without informing her friends and family.” Quoted from The Star/ANN.

A-Sun only able to release two albums, which is “Love Hurts” and “Angel”. Fortunately, both were very welcomed.

Here is a very old but nice song from A-Sun – Ye Zi feat Selina & Joe Cheng. I cried non-stop when i was watching it. The MV is superb touching. T_____T

Joe Cheng is soooooooooooooo handsome. =P


Ye zi shi bu hui fei xiang de chi bang
Chi bang shi la zai tian shang de ye zi
Tian tang yuan lai ying gai bu shi wang xiang
Zhi shi wo zao yi jing yi wang
Dang chu zen me kai shi fei xiang
Gu dan shi yi ge ren de kuang huan
Kuang cipro dosage huan shi yi qun ren de gu dan
Ai qing yuan lai de kai shi shi pei ban
Dan wo ye jian jian de yi wang
Dang shi shi zen yang you ren pei ban
Wo yi ge ren chi fan lu xing dao chu zou zou ting ting
Ye yi ge ren kan shu xie xin zi ji dui hua tan xin
Zhi shi xin you piao dao le na li
Jiu lian zi ji kan ye kan bu qing
Wo xiang wo bu jin jin shi shi qu ni

Although she left the world, but her songs will still remain in our hearts; the fans of A-Sun. I believed that her songs already get the acknowledge from all the ppl who know the existence of A-SUN.

R.I.P A-Sun

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