Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Sorry for not updating my blog for a long time. Nothing special to be talk about, no photos, college is boring as usual, and most important thing is my latest timetable sucks.

My timetable change again, again AND again. Now i got one day class at 9.30am until 8pm. WTH. Even longer than the secondary school time. UCSI, can i sue u? =__=

Oh well, many things happened recently. Something changed. But i couldn’t say what it is. My life become

so dull now. Classes are sucks, ji muiz are always busy, couldn’t shopping, couldn’t online as my brother and sister always sitting in front of the computer, no drama to watch. OMG ! I need a laptop.

My life is getting crazy. Every night only able to sleep at 4am plus even though i got nothing to do.

The only thing that makes me feel relief is yamcha at night. This is the only activity that i’ve been doing in these few weeks. Feel glad that i actually got friends for me to beat, punch, and laugh with. Muaahahahhaa..=D

And yeah, the day before yesterday, finally got the chance to meet with my ji mui, Carmen. Went to Bangsar around 3 to change my boy’s modem. Then headed to Midvalley to find Carmen and the boyfriend. Had Zanmai as our brunch. TOo bad, no pics of it as the camera already no battery. Thanks to some1 who didnt charge it laaaaaa… =____=

Anyway, Zanmai is NAIS ! =D

Walked around The Gardens, Midvalley to see whether got any nice clothes that i can bring back anot. LOL~ unfortunately, TARAK !

Walked until 7 something, ok, gave up. Next, dinner time. Went to Restaurant Jin Ho at Yu Lek for steamboat. Yum YUM ~!! Me likey. xD

Normally we eat steamboat will be having tomyam soup and the original soup instead of having only original soup right. Well, it’s a must to have one side of spicy soup i would say.

But then, Restaurant Jin Ho only offer the original soup. However, the taste is still good with the addition of the chillies. Thanks for the recommend, Carmen. =D viagra sample But I still prefer Restaurant Chong Huat or something which is also located at Yu Lek. Wheeeeeeeeeee~

That’s for the day. Happy that we can finally can hang out together again.

hope my timetable will change to a better time !

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