Curse You !

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Awh..bad news. The present that me, Carmen and Weng post to Kampar last month, for the twins as their birthday

present, have lost. WTF ~~!!!!! Weng did a mistake on the address. AHHHHHHHHHH~~ WHY ? Our effort. Our money. Their feelings. SIGHH~~ all get hurt. I wanna curse the person who took the thing 99 !!!!!

It’s not your thing, what for you take it huh? Although the address is your house, but then the name DEFINATELY not yours. WTH~ I really wish to sue YOU 99 !!!! You should inform the post office !!!! Damn You !!

You Should Get Your Ass to The Jail !!!! Fuck you

4 Responses to “Curse You !”

  1. wah shan ..
    so gik dong geh you
    mou siong gon la
    i know you all have the heart mai dak lo
    muakz muakz !!
    miss you ~

  2. hahahah…
    u say mou siong gon jek….
    i still will gik dong…
    miss u toooooooo~ mwah mwah…xD

  3. bii bii,so gek dong mie…
    no need jail guah,denda thn ok lo…

  4. hahahaha…..tak mauu….too angry with her…xD

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