I Corrupt All Cops

Friday, June 12th, 2009


I’ve watched this movie on last Sunday. A movie directed by Wong Jing. The film is about the corrupted policemen. While the I Corrupt All Cops (ICAC) is the establishment of the Hong Kong’s anti-corruption force, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

The story is mostly about corruption at the time when Hong Kong was under British rule. Corruption and bribery were the order of the day. The leader of the corruption practices was Brother Lak, staring by Tony Leung Ka Fai. He is the one who controls the whole black and white side of Hong Kong which is the gangsters and cops. He has the power

over criminals that buy their way into police protection and out of any territorial disputes.

Besides that, there’s a detective named Unicorn who acted by Anthony Wong. He is the one who scapegoats innocent people with serious crimes to keep his boss, Brother Lak happy.

Eason Chan in this film named Chen Xi Gao aka 9 gor was a subordinate of Brother Lak. After working under Brother Lak for 5 years, he was promoted to inspector. He has cipro purchase online 9 wives in a total which all of them were forced by his boss to marry him.

Then in the early 1970s, the Governor of Hong Kong decided to clean up the police force and an operation branch ICAC was set-up headed by Inspector Yim staring by Bowie Lam. Inspector Yim leading fresh college graduates in taking down corrupted cops. One of these ideal young agents is Alex Fong named Bong in this film.

That’s the summary of the film from me. For me, the story is just ok-ok. Nothing special. It’s just like telling us the history of Hong Kong which we already know. So I’ll just rate this film for 6/10.

However, there’s something unexpected in this film. They actually didnt cut the part where the actors having fun of saying bad words in every scene. LOL~ wtf !

Anyways, here is the preview of the film. Enjoy ! =D


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