Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Wee wang wang wee wang wang~ sorry for no updates recently. Sigh, it’s always sad to think that i abandoned my blog. No, it’s not true. The fact is i actually no chance to update. Even i got things to write, there’s always no chance for me to sit here and typing enjoying-ly. Hahahahahaha..what word is that?

Well, of course i need to thanks to my brother for always sitting in front of the computer 23 hours per day. The greatest thing is, when he’s sleeping..ah..there’s a chance for me to use la right? BUT HELL NO~! When he’s sleeping, everyone is not at home, and when he’s mexican persciption diflucan awake.. HELLO im home !! OMG~ i really hate it lor ! Swt case..=____=

Sigh, that’s how my life goes. Waiting for laptop dropping down from the sky everyday.

Well, anyway.. I’ve took my driving test on Tuesday and guess what? I’ve passed my test. Attention please. I PASSED edi. LOL~ will get my lisence by next week i guess. Aduiz..but then no car

for me to drive also. Big car i takut. T___T

Oh yeah, before going for driving test, keep begging Miss YAP PEI LING to write a letter for me to prove that i really got test at college on that day. So that i can go for driving test on afternoon which i suppose to take it at the morning. But the Miss YAP PEI LING damn 7 lan si. Hello, im a student of UCSI, i got my student rights. Furthermore, write few words only..is that difficult??

And lastly, thanks to MISS JASMINE LAU for helping me to get the UCSI chop. Without the chop, I wont be able to take the driving test and i need to pay another RM150 to change the date. WTH~ no way lor !! Sei babi…only know how to tipu duit…=____=

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  1. wheeeeeeeeeeee~!!! congret~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muakz~!!!

  2. HAHAHAHHA…thank you thank you….bluek !! i wan drive ur car !!!!!! xD

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