Happy Papa's Day

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Yesterday was Father’s Day. Well, im sure most of you did celebrated it with ur family right. Fathers have the biggest responsibilities in the family. They did the work, they earned money just to get us into university, t

hey pay us for everything, and they wan us to live a better life. And now, this is the day for us to let them know that how glad we were to have them as our fathers. Agree? =)

Well, my father is slightly different with other fathers. He plays the role both father and mother in this family. He did all the cooking, sewing, house work and many more. Im glad to have you as my father. For your information, my mother passed away since three years ago. So, that’s the reason and im always think that my father is such a SUPERMAN.

He’s 59 years old this year. However, he’s still in a good condition and doesnt look like 59 years at all. He’s still working.. to afford our school fees, daily use, and other stuffs. It’s always sad to think that i cant earn my own money and pay my school fees by my own. But, im sure i will work hard once i graduate and earn more money to let my father to live a better life.

Ok now, how much is viagra here’s the story of the celebration of Father’s Day on Friday. We chose to celebrate it on Friday because we knew that there will be a lot of people eating outside on Sat or Sun. So, we celebrated it earlier to avoid from the crowd. How smart. LOL~

Previous years, we used to celebrate at Taman Billion to have the steaks there. My father doesnt really eat Japanese food, nor Korean food. I wonder why.

However, there’s some difference in this year. Instead of eating steaks at Taman Billion every year, why not we try new one that recommended by my brother-the king of tasting food. LOL~ We celebrated at Cova which is located at The Gardens.

Let the pictures do all the talking. =)


The smoking area. Ignore the two girls. LOL~


*Me and my sister* Behind there is the non smoking area.


My brother and father =D


My Carbonara Fettuccine and my sister’s Chargrill Rib Eye


My father’s Braised Lamb Shank


My brother’s Seafood Spaghetti


My Heavenly Chocolate and her Lychee Fizzy


Both of them having Kilkenny


gaduh all the time LOL~


Yat’s Family

Photo credits to Yatz

The cost of the food was RM 250 if im not mistaken. Overall, the food is okay. But my Carbonara was too creamy and i just couldnt finish it although i can eat big portion of food all the time. *wink* It shows that the food

is really really really yummy? or oily? It’s creamy.. = S

We talked, we laughed, we smiled, we argued, all the time. But there’s nothing more important than being together as a family. I love you, you love me, we love each other. LOL~

Last but not least, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers around the world. I hope u guys have a enjoyable father’s day as well. =D

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  1. Hi, wonderful celebration…
    I’ve seen your brother Yatz before
    @ the “Standout party” Nice to know
    that you all r one big loving family :D
    Have not tried the food there. Tks for sharing.
    Since when your brother have onw dot.com
    Glad he did. I like his posts… great posts!

  2. Iriene > lol..thanks..

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