Herbal Line @ Connaught

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Well, last friday me and my friends went to Herbal Line for facial thingy. We’ve already make an appointment one month ago as it had a promotion for it’s newly open branch.

It’s just RM 28 nett for first trial which included scrub, mask, squeezing

blackheads out, helping u to shape ur eyebrows nicely and also fish spa. Well, it’s cheap right? So why not give it a try? LOL~

Im not sure when will the promotion ends. But i think not so fast. LOL~ dont ask me why. Just my sixth sense. Try ur luck by booking today la..=P

Overall, i think that the service is quite good as the price is so cheap. They’re all PRO to me. NOT ppl who look at you with some kind of face or eyes. We’re still their customers. They respect us. LOL~ However, some of my friends said that it’s not very xenical side effects good compared to the one that they did at other places. Hmm…no comment. >_<

Here’s some pictures that i taken on that day.


ken washing legs with salt water. HOT !


moi posing =___=


our legs during fish spa


ken’s leg. another leg got wound. so cannot put inside. later kena aids. =P


my legs ! geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~


moi’s legs. she keep shouting at there. damn bising !!


see..all the fishes like ken’s leg more than us..=__=


ken with moi..=)


me with moi…huhu =D


before leave..

Well, the environment there is comfortable. The facial is comfy. The fish spa is the best part. I can feel tat my legs

are so soft now. LOL~ just NAIS~! =D

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