Some Kind of Functions @ Menara Hap Seng

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Last Friday went to Menara Hap Seng to join some of the bloggers to meet with Manchester United cheap celebrex online players. Opps..that’s not confirm yet whether we get the chance to see MU’s play

er or not until we get there.


opps..blur. this is the invitation card. nice eh? me likey ~! =D


Besides that, we also able to take pictures with Bryan Robson, the ex player of Manchester United. Opps, but the pics of me with the bloggers are not with me. I hope it’s on the newspaper though. I heard that the pic of us,bloggers took with him may be on newspaper weih. =D

But i dont know whether it’s true or not as i didnt check on everyday’s newspaper. Did anyone of u saw it or something? Do inform me if u saw it on any newspaper okay. LOL~

Below are the pictures that taken on that day. With my camera. Huhu~


hikaru and kate with Bryan Robson


joshua on the right


fuiyohh….can see, cant touch. T__T

Yeah, no big deal. We played some games while waiting for the chance to meet with MU’s players. Well, unfortunately.. they did not showed up. Ahh~ it’s kinda a sad case though. Thought can meet with MU’s players for real, but it just wouldnt come true eh?

Never mind, im not a fans of MU or whatever. It’s just a chance to see more things while i get the chance. And yeah, gain more knowledge. LOL~ I love to explore or I would say im interested in new stuffs or any place that i never been to before. =D

There’s some games that we can enjoy there. Each time u played, and if u won the game, u will get 4 vouchers of drinks. You may keep it and collect until 50 vouchers and u can get a bottle of alcohol. Im not sure what kind of alcohol.

And so, Hikaru and his gf, Kate played the games around over and over again until they get 50 vouchers. =_____= Really thumbs up to them. LOL~


the x-box


joshua main pulak !


spot hikaru and kate? they just keep playing that and….


this ! joshua with bii vs hikaru with kate

* I tried to play too. Err…it’s kinda hard for me. LOL~ but still fun ! =D


spot the guy who look like Daniel Wu?

* Eh, seriously..he really look like Daniel Wu. BUT need to see from ONLY one angle then you’ll be able to see the look-alike Daniel Wu. No kidding. But i didnt manage to take a pic from that angle la. Paiseh laaa~ later he thought i suka dia how? LOL~



Nothing much to do there. Just drink and chill around. Me and my bii were hungry but there’s no food provided. So, we chose to eat nearby which is KFC. The one that opened for 24 hours. Huhu~~


fulamak ~! banyak sial ! = S


childish bii and me~~ =D

Finished eating, went back to Menara Hap Seng and joined back the bloggers. But then they were about to leave also. So we also leave la. And that’s all for the day. Huhu~~

Cant wait for this coming Saturday..Hennessy Artistry !!!

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  1. Bii… that’s not PS 123,is X-BOX la bii,>.<”

  2. bii > hou !!! i change !!! LOL~!

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