Artistry @ Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Here we go. Once again, it’s time of the year for the big party with the International acts such as Ying Yang Twins, Fatman Scoop, Dominique Tsai, DJ Camilo and representing SE Asia DJ Milinka from Indonesia and a

lso One Buck Short !


Well, these is the third time i’ve been to Hennessy Artistry. The first was at The Loft and the second will be at Zouk. Yeah, it’s all free and all thanks to Nuffnang for giving out invitation to the bloggers. It’s a chance to meet with the bloggers and i get to know some of it through my brother, Yatz.

I’ve been quite shy for the previous Hennessy Artistry as im just drinking, chit-chatting, taking pics and listening to the music. I couldnt dance like how other ppl did. Maybe i was shy or…whatever.

Surprisingly, this time i could dance and doesnt wanna stop at all. The place was HUGE and yeah, this time i went with my friends which makes me feel more..comfortable or i should say amicable. be honest, this is the GREATEST one i had which is on last Saturday at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena.


the entrance


before going in..




it’s really HUGE man !!! me likey~ =)



dominique tsai and the dancers


she’s sexyy~~


homies. they’re cool enough! =D


two daniel(s) and I

I saw some of my friends at there too. I mean..those that long-time-no-see friends.

And there’s one person i should talk about here. It’s Dexter Chua. HAHAHAHAHAH.. i saw him at the party and…oi !!! why are u here??? but then i have to go to the other place to find my boyfriend. So we didnt talk much and didnt get the chance to take pic. CISSSS….And guess what? The next day, i saw him at Midvalley AGAIN ! Hahahahha.. apa dey.. such a small world. Im glad that he still recognise me la..huhu ~ =D


the long-time-no-see max and I. used to be me hair stylist. =D


me and rechelle. surprised to see u there too. =)


3 budak with 3 pweeties..LOL~ xD


yea babe, put ur hands up !!!


steve. nice to meet you..xD


mia, me, daniel ho, cloudy, danny


bii, me, and joshua ~! Hiiiiiiiiii !!!! LOL~


picture credits to joshua.

Almost come to the end of the party. From pm to am. Damn tiring. Everyone get drunk. Kantoi. Even my boy also get drunk. Aduiz.. u need to drive later bii !! Come..let me splash u with some water. Hohohoho~

And yeah, Im more wet than him in the end. WTF ~! See his lan si face. Grrrrrr~~


after splashing water to each other. =____=

I had a lot of fun on that day. Drank a lot. Dance a lot. Laugh a lot. Kiss a lot too. Omgosh.. there’s one pic of me n my boy kissing too. WTH~ *shy* HAHAHAHAHAHAH~

Eh, btw.. im glad that im not drunk on that day. But hell yeah, Im damn red and everyone is complaining about it. Aduiz.. That’s always me when u see some kind of red person walking around. LOL~

These Hennessy Artistry makes me feel like wan MOREEEEEEEE party !!!!!!!! Exams are coming real SOON ! But im still in the party mode. Help ~!

More pics from my Facebook.

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  1. bagus!

  2. “Omgosh.. there‚Äôs one pic of me n my boy kissing too. WTH~ *shy* ”


  3. Yatz > yes ! bagusssssssssssss
    Jess > hahahaha…jengjengjeng….wth…LOLs


  5. joshuaongys > LOL..meh jek meh always shy…LOL~~!! xD

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