20.07.09 @ Midvalley

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

This is kinda a late post. This should be posted on last Monday which is one of my friend birthday de. HAHAHAHA.. but i’ve been too busy going out for the previous week.. So..here’s my delayed post la. SORRY boss..

Celebrated his birthday by hangi

ng out at Midvalley. Nothing much… Just a simple lunch, walking around..and drinking coffee at Starfuck. Err..i mean Starbucks. LOL~ He wanted to buy a bag at Nike. But unfortunately, the bag was out of stock. Huhu~ what an unlucky day.

Oppsss.. did i mention who was the birthday boy? Haha..sorry.. it was Esmond, which i knew him this year through… Reagan and Kiat Zai that gang? Yeah..thanks to them. Lately, i’ve been quite close to Esmond and the partner, Chong Kar. HAHAHAHAHHA~ partner not as in they’re gay ofcoz. They’re good buddies. And also..my good friends.=D

Well, the day start with having lunch with them at Pizza Hut. Thought of eating Secret Recipe and the cakes. But the birthday boy said dowan..So we walked and think what to eat. End up eating Pizza Hut !


wooopss..forgot to take the pic b4 eating the phizer viagra pizza..


the birthday boy, Esmond


Chong Kar, the boss showing the drink is not nice.


esmond showing damn-good-face with his thumbs up referring to his coffee. ewwww~~ xD


me concentrating looking for cheap stuff at guardian. =P

Hmm…hang out at Midvalley for about.. 4 hours if im not mistaken. Time flies as we joke, we laugh, we ejek u, u ejek me, they bully ME..and..that’s all for the day.. Once again i wish u Happy Belated Birthday here la ok?

Anyway, it’s one of my friend’s birthday today. Which is

also from their gang. It’s Ah Loon. Muaahahahha.. he’s cute though. Here’s the picture of him which i grabbed from Facebook. =D


Happy Birthday to you Loooooooooooooon !!!!!!!!!!!! It’s nice to know you. Huhu huhu huhu.. xD xD xD

p.s : i will be having finals this week. wont be free to update my blog for few days. huhuuu~ T_T

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