An Outing that Reminds Me bout the Past

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Well, there’s no exam on this week. The exams were postponed to another week due to the very ‘clever’ UCSI’s management. I dont know what happened to their system. They sent

us some kind of sms and inform every of the student that the exam for certai

n subjects have been’s a last minute sms okay. Many ppl complained bout it and yeah, lucky me havent start studying yet. LOL~ So, that’s why i got the time to blog now. LOL~

It’s been a long time since the last time me and my boy hang out in shopping malls. He’s always busy, and no money. Me too, no money and wanna save money.. end up always stay at home watching movies, and cleaning the house. Such a peaceful life huh? HAHAHAHHA..

And so… finally here’s the day for us get out from the house and start shopping like other ppl did. Huhu~ we went to Sunway Pyramid on last Friday. Had some Korea food as lunch there.


really the best anot? xD


and also…takoyaki !!


owh…yummy !!


my bii having his..i forgot wat’s the name..


my…dont-know-what cake with noodles..and yeah nice !

Finished eating, went to buy ticket for movie. We long time didnt watch movie in the cinema already. My boy let me choose, either Public Enemies or Ice Age 3. I chose Ice Age 3 because i heard that Public Enemies is a boring movie.

Without any arguments, we decided to watch Ice Age 3. Hoho~ and it’s a 3-D version. Walked around before the movie starts. And we eventually walked to this place below.

dsc00703 skating. I’ve played these like…5 years ago? Hahahaha.. i could still remember clearly i went there with who and met with who. Oh, the time i played was at The Mines. Not here. Hmm.. flashed back a lot of memories when looking at the ppl playing ice skating. And also wondering what’s so fun about it? LOL~ i dont know..

These reminds me of roller-skate too. There’s some time where me and my friends played roller-skate at Sungei Wang. I think it’s just bupropion 3 years back then. Seriously, I like roller-skate more than ice skating. We used to be very hardcore on roller-skating at that moment. We were craving for it when we were in Form 4. Went to play for at least once a week. HAHAHAHAHHA.. madness. Our legs, ankles, everywhere were fulled with bruised. But still, it’s fun ! =D

Stop talking about the past. Haha.. continue with my day. Walked around with my boy to see whether got any clothes that nice and cheap. Somehow, we get into a shop named Kitschen. And i thought it was selling kitchen’s utensils. WTF

And yeah..i get myself a shirt from there which cost me RM13 only. Hohohoho~ it’s really cheap huh? I hope this brand of clothes wont become too expensive like Topshop, M & G, etc in the future. Kitschen’s stuff is really good and cheap for now. I love itttttttt~!


here it is..nothing special, but worth for its price. =D

Alright, it’s time for movie now. 3-D version. Considered as my first time watching 3-D in the cinema. There’s one more time where i watched 3-D before. It was long long time ago. When i was a kid. I dont remember how old am i that time. But i could remember tat i watched it with my family, at Genting. HAHAHAHAA.. although i dont remember what i’ve watched at that time..but i remembered it was a very exciting experienced that i ever had.


the spec..duh~

The movie ends. And guess what? The movie is so so. Not like what i expected. Sigh~ such a disappointment. T__T

The story is super simple. And it makes me dizzy too. My boy said he feels like sleeping when we’re watching. Can you imagine? =__= Wasted our money to watch this with the 3-D version and also..the couple seats ! Aduhaiii….

It’s time to leave now…



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