Ichiban Boshi

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Im gonna introduce a place to you for a lovely Japanese

dinner.. or maybe lunch..? It’s the Ichiban Boshi which is located at the opposite of Food Republic in Pavilion, Jalan B

ukit Bintang.

I’ve went there for 3 times, and i still think that the food there is awesome. =) Furthermore, the restaurant looked comfortable with the bright cheerful design. It makes me feel like eating in my own house. LOL, just kidding !


Not only that, there were some empty sake bottles at the top serves as decoration too.


Well, i would say that the price here is reasonable if compare with other sushi restaurant. And the service is not bad too. =)

Here’s the food that we had ordered. But i dont really know the name of the foods. So….just enjoy looking at the pics without any complain. alright? xD


soba is naiss….owhhh~


baby octopus mix with dont know what


salmon. wheeeeee~


this is not bad..=)


my favourite. agedashi tofu

if not mistaken


not too special


forgot the name. but it’s nice too ! =D


the left one is superb. while the right one is the egg roll..it’s thick enough though

Well, we didnt ordered anything special there because we were plan to eat a little bit ONLY as our brunch. But in fact, we ordered quite a lot eh? =___= LOL~ not my fault. His fault. He always order order order without knowing the limits.


So, that’s all for the introducing. I guess there were quite a number of you already knew this place. For those who dont know, you can have a try yo ~~ =D

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