My Kai Gor's Wedding

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Well, there’s another pair of couple who just got married in the month

of August. Another family, another house, another car, another soon-to-be-born baby will be existing on the Earth. Yea, they were from Malaysia. Need not to say, the country will

be more crowded after the existence of the new family. Hahahahahaha…just kidding laa~!

First of all, i would like to say congratulation to the newly-wed. It’s happy to see my kai gor, Chris get married. Although i dont really know the bride, but it doesnt really matter. As long as my gor is happy and really feel the happiness when they’re together. =D


the bride and the groom


i didnt attend for the early part. I just went for the dinner which is at Cheers Palace, Cheras. The one which is just opposite of the Leisure Mall road. Thanks to Chee Weng for the ride. =)


The wedding dinner started off with some kind of Christian song. Yeah, all the Christian were exclaimed to sing along. Luckily im not. So we just sit diam diam and amitofu ! xD

And also, there were two singers from dont know where were on stage as well. One male, one female. The female sang Sammi Cheng’s songs, which sounds not bad for me though.

It’s time for food. There shud be a lot of pics of the food. But unfortunately, someone deleted it from the camera and left this two pictures below which i grabbed it from other ppl’s album. Aduh~ sad. Thought can seduce everyone of you by showing the pictures. T_________T


sirip yu ! LOL


baby pig taste like baby pig. LOL WTF

While eating, the groom and bride walked around for the YAM SENG session. Every other table shouted damn soft. We CANT feel the crazyness at all. When it comes to our table, we shout to the max. Get it? It’s really jarred and it lasts for one minute. You can really feel the echo there. joking.

We shouted at two tables, as both of it also for closed friend of Chris. Not to forget, we’re all from SMK Seri Bintang Selatan !!! We’ve known each other for..1..2…3…almost 5 or 6 years. It’s good to have them as our senior though. They’re the most leng zai + bising batch eversince our skool was opened. Here goes the pictures of the day.


carmen and i


my kai yeh with me =D


carmen, me, meichee, cheeweng


me and steven loke. he’s not from sbs though. =P


forgot the name, choon, qiu rong, ooi shin. =)


liew, choon, ken, me. senior sekalian.


whoaa…what a reaction. sorry for not counting one two three la..


again… im not in the pic? again pls !!


this look more complete. huhuuu~ xD


gor look so high. LOL


gor with his 3 kai muiz ; me, meichee, ivy =)


before leaving..another group pic

Im glad that we actually gathered again after so long. As i can see, everyone didnt change much..just things changed. Some of them started to work, some of them still studying, and some get back from overseas. They were still the same. The bond of friendship between them were still strong. Happy for them.

Last but not least, i wished my gor happy always. And once again, congratz to the newly-wed. =)


sum yee and chris

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