Happy Birthday to Carmen

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009


is one of my ji mui, Carmen‘s birthday..we celebrated one day earlier because she’s too busy with all her dates. Well, you know..famous people have to celebrate birthday many times with different bunch of fr

iends. Right, Carmen? Hahahaha..

Oh~ celebrated another ji mui, Weng Chee‘s birthday together on that day also. Her birthday is on 30th of August. But she’s not free for the whole weekend also due to her exams. So dua-dua sekaligus la ~ LOL~

We celebrated at Times Square. Yeah, nothing new but our old place. What to do..everyone doesnt have a car. Cant really go that far though. T_T

We went to Papa John to have our brunch after everyone of us reached. The people who came for that day was me, Carmen, Weng Chee and Queenie. Glad that she can join us along. =)

It’s my first time trying Papa John. Err..it wasnt anything special to me. Pizza Hut will be slightly taste better than Papa John. But i guess, this is more cheap than Pizza Hut. Hmm…


the pizza is with sambal, but i cant feel the taste at all. the spagetti is still ok


this duno wat hawaian..not bad


not that tasty also. LOL

All these came in one set. The cost is actually RM49.90 but the cashier counted as RM39.90. I wonder why eh? Buta ka or give us discount because we’re too pretty? Hahaha..jk jk..xD

We sat there from 12pm till 2pm. LOL~ two hours of non-stop talking. Cant really blame, it’s really been a long time since the last Cheap discount levitra meet. T___T


Queenie the non-stop talking fella. =P

Instead of walking around, shopping window, we went to Times Square 10th floor and have a second talk. Hahahahahahaha~ we just cant stop talking. We sat there for another 3 hours.

Queenie bought two slices of cakes to both of them, and we sing birthday song at there. Huhu~ it’s time to make a wish, blow candles, eat ur cakes !



20 candles instead of 19

Sad to say, in tradition,we cant really celebrate our 19th years old birthday. Well, dont ask me why. I dont know ! =_=


nice giler ~


sang yat fai lok hei !!!



weng chee, me, carmen, queenie =)

We after that went to Station Kopitiam for tea. Sat for another 1 hour plus. Why we just cant stop ah i wonder. We’ve talked for 6 hours plus in a total. OMG~ =____=

Anyway, I hope u two like the present that i get for both of u. Use it and become more leng lui after that. I hope the product wont make ur skin worst or allergic. Or else, u can giv me back ! HAHAHAHAHAHAH~! =D

Wish u happy always CARMEN THAM Cholesterol and Weng Chee. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! =P

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