Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Last week, i’ve went to this Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant with my family and also my relatives. The restaurant is located at Teluk Gong, Klang. Well, why wanna eat seafood

in a sudden? I dont know. LOL~ ask my aunties ba. xD


Here we are in Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Gong. I guess most of the people who live in Klang area should know this place. What i heard was, people who look for seafood in Klang will most probably come to this restaurant. I supposed this restaurant is already well-known for some time.


Well, this is my second time for coming here. The first time was long

time ago which i dont really remember when is it. As i remembered, it’s always full with peoples, families, and stuffs. The environment is very good as well.



from left : father, me, gu jie, dai gu ma, 5 gu ma

The relationship between my family and the father side family is consider as good. We will actually eat together once in a week. It’s like a family gathering. Yea, of course it is good as i really like my 5 gu ma (5th auntie ) for being nice and we can actually strengthen the relationship between us.


from left : yi gu ma (second auntie), rechelle, wai yin, gu jiong

Also not to forget my 5 gu ma’s son, Wai Yin ; my cousin brother which is older than me 11 years if im not mistaken. And also his gf, Rechelle. =)

We ordered 8 dishes with the cost of RM300. I found that it is kinda worth for it. For your information, we had two plates of prawns, two plates of crabs, one plate of fish, lala (shell fish), and vege.


not sure bout the name of the vege. it’s simple and crunchy


The prawn is big and the sauce is very nice. Yummy~ =D


lai liu ha. what we call that in english eh? very nice ! *thumbs up*


siong thong lala. niceyyyyyy~~ !! me likey ! =D


Steamed fish with tom yam if im not mistaken. Im not sure what fish is that, all i know is just eat, eat, eat and eat. =P The taste is not bad for me as the fish is tenderly soft. =)


My 5 gu ma looked satisfied, huh? Hahaha..


crabby crab with milk butter, i think.


crabby crab with kam heong


Aunties sekalian cant stop eating. Aha~ but i didnt try the crab coz i dont really like to eat. Although many ppl would most probably say me stupid for not eating, but still..what so nice bout it i wondered.

Need to use the hammer to knock on it and peel off the husk to eat the meat. So menyusahkan. LOL~


spot me? =P


Finished everything ! Yummy~ so damn full. All the foods are really awesome. Anyhow, my aunties said the crabs is not too tasty, especially the kam heong. But the rest is totally fine with me. Ngek ngek~ xD

Well, the pictures are really seducing, isnt it? Muaahahahahaha.. try it with your family la people. It’s worth for it. =D

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