Sushi King @ Low Yat Plaza

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

The week before, went to Sungei Wang to buy present for my beloved ji muiz. Yeah babeh, it’s skin care product. I hope they already start using it. =)

Went to Sushi King to

have our brunch. Honestly it’s not as tasty as the time when i was in secondary school anymore. The rice is cold and hard. Really tasteless.

The price is actually not much differ if compared with other sushi station. Why would i go to sushi king on that day, i wonder. Okay, stop complaining. I’ve already ate those sushi and it’s already out from my body as SHIT feces. LOL~


sushi queen eating at sushi

king =P


the sushi belt


salmon if not mistaken. really sucks. =__=


nothing special

Well, i finally tasted something nice there. It’s the curry chicken something rice. LOL~ Seriously, the curry is really tasty like mama mia. Owh, i mean heavenly god damn tasty. No doubt, the best thing in sushi king is this rice. Hahahhahahaha..just kidding. I never tried other kind of rice before at sushi king. But the curry chicken rice is really awesome la.


ta daa ~~



the purpose of this post is actually to introduce the curry chicken rice. That’s the main point. Muahahahaha… have a try when you get there ya !

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