Happy Birthday To Papa @ Tony Roma's

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to my daddy, Mr. Yat. It was his birthday last week which is on 15th of September. I know this post is kinda late for that. Hahaha~ sorry lurr..

Alright, here it goes. As a good son and daughters, we will definitely bring o

ur beloved daddy to some nice places to eat whenever there’s a celebration for him. And of course, we pay for it. For instance, the previous Father’s Day which i had blogged about it at Happy Papa’s Day @ Cova. =)

This time we celebrated his birthday at Tony Roma’s which is located at Cineleisure. It’s my first time been there. Overall, the food is okay, not specially delicious or what. And it’s quite expensive too. If i was given the chance, i would rather choose Chilis, or maybe Cowboys instead of Tony Roma’s.

My dad always like to eat western food instead of chinese food if there’s any special occasion. Maybe it’s because of he’s a english educated person. Or maybe it’s because he dont need to waste money on any chinese restaurant as he already can cook chinese dishes very well.


daddy and brother, Yatz

To be honest, my dad’s cooking is really awesome. Even my dad’s steamed fish can beat those steamed fish at restaurants. Except for tom yam sauce. Haha~ my daddy never tried to cook that before. So, i got no comment on that. LOL~ Besides that, my dad’s homemade soup is very nice too. He can actually boil almost all kind of soups. Yummy yum~ i did learned boiling soup from him and im actually a graduated student of him. Muahahahaha~ =D


tallen and my sister, Min

My boyfriend, Tallen was tagged along this year. But not my sister’s boyfriend. I think he’s outstation or something. Hmm~ too bad. But no worries, i will definitely eat his part for the sake of him. Ngek ngek ngek~

There were many choices in the menu, and we used for almost 15 minutes to think of what to order. We ended up ordered different kind of steaks to share with each other. Hehe. My sister made the order. Three beef steaks, one fish, and one chicken.


my brother’s medium rare Ribeye Steak


tallen’s New York Strip

I’ve tried one slice from both of it. And for me it’s chewy and erm.. i realized that i dont really know how to appreciate them. For me, both of them are just the same. Ah..i feel sorry for the steaks because i just simply chew and swallow it. BUT ! ahh..the potatoes and the broccolli are very nice. They’re both very soft and tasty. Huhu~ =)


my Marinated Boneless Beast of Chicken

I dont know what my sister had ordered for me. All i know is, it’s a chicken. I was surprised when i get this. It is two stacked chicken breasts straight from the open grill and served with rice and broccolli as well. The rice is cooked with garlic or something if im not mistaken. Other than the chicken breasts meat is quite rough, the rice taste is pretty good.

My dad ordered a Tennessee Barrel Steak. But we forgotten to take a picture of it. Argh~ forget bout it. One thing that i wanna mention here. The service at Tony Roma’s is

pretty good. I dont know they’re all good or just the waitress that served us or maybe it’s because of my brother is holding a DSLR, perhaps? Hmm..


my sister’s Fish & Chips

Most of the time i went to western restaurants, i will never ever order a fish and chips. Because it has nothing special about it and it’s kinda not worthy to eat at such high quality restaurant. But the fish and chips at Tony Roma’s as shown above, is highly recommended by me. Of all the steaks that we ordered, this is the best for me. Why? Because it is soft and easy to eat. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA~ even my dad and brother agreed with it. They keep on exchanging their steaks with

my sister because they’re too tired of chewing. LOL~!

Okay, the reason why i say the service good is because the waitress was very friendly and she asked my dad to slice open the middle part to check whether it’s fine for him or not. It’s actually too raw for my dad. The waitress eventually take back the plate of the Tennessee Barrel Steak and make another medium well steak for my dad. Cool, huh?

It’s always a must to take a family photo first before leaving, eh? xD If you’re wondering, my mom has passed away in 2006. Left my dad alone, and three of us. I honestly miss my mom so much, but life still goes on. We all went through the hard times, especially my dad.


Happy 59th Birthday to you, daddy. Sorry and please forgive us if we’ve done anything wrong in the past. I may be not be a good daughter, but you’re always the best father in my heart. Thanks for your caring and love all these while. There are three words that i always wanted to say to you, but i still feel that it is quite awkward to say so. Hereby, i can say it without any hesistate. Daddy, I Love You always and ever. =)

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