I Have A Date With Spring

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

I guess many people would know about this drama or familiar with it, especially those drama freak like me. Or maybe not? HA ~ I Have A Date With Spring or known as Ngo Wo Chun Tin

Yau Ko Yeuk Wui in Cantonese was actually a stage play and it was later adapted into a film that released in the year of 1994 in Hong Kong. And it actually won three

Hong Kong Film Award too ! How amazing ! =D


There were four good friends in this film, each with different colours, different characteristic, different background but with the same career as a singer. This film was starring by Alice Lau Nga Lai (white), Louisa So Yuk Wah (blue), Law Koon Lan (yellow), and Fung Wai Hang (red).


alice lau nga lai and louisa so yuk wah


law koon lan and fung wai hang

Alice Lau is the main actress was known as Yiu Siu Dip or Butterly Yiu in this film. While Louisa So is known as Lam Fung Peng, Law Koon Lan as Kam Lulu, and Fung Wai Hang as Nancy aka Lin Sai.

There are two main line in this film. The first is about the friendship of four female singers. The second is about the love between one of them with a musician-composer.

Here’s a short review on the film with Alice Lau singing the song with the title “Nei Nei Nei Wai Liu Ngoi Qing”. Nice song. =)


Personally, i didnt watch the film before. But i’ve watched the drama series before when i was in

primary school if im not mistaken. In 1995, I Have A Date With Spring was adapted into a television series with a total of 40 episodes.


A remake of the film with the same title I Have A Date With Spring, exploring the lives of four friends who try to achieve their dreams and become singers at a famous nightclub, Flower Palace Nightclub.

This time, it was starring by Sheren Tang Sui Man as Butterfly Yiu instead of Alice Lau. Joey Meng as Fung Peng, Erica Choi as Lulu and Kiki Sheung as Nancy (Lin Sai).


sheren tang sui man and joey meng yee man


erica choi hiu yee and kiki sheung tin ngor

From this drama, i get to know that Yiu Siu Dip became very famous and had a long career as a singer and actress. However, her love life was not that smooth. Her beloved, Karl Sum Ka Hoe left for America to start a new career. He believed that he can achieve his dream with his ability of composing at America but not in Hong Kong.


kong wah as sum ka hoe

While the other best friends of Siu Dip such as Fung Peng followed her beloved, Donny which is a gambling-addict to Vietnam. Lulu became popular too but not at the same level as Siu Dip. She then was married to the son of one of the directors of Flower Palace Nightclub. Lastly, Nancy sought another job at another nightclub as a lounge singer.

I dont really remember how the story goes as this drama was shown in many many years ago. Fortunately, ntv7 is now showing this drama again ! Every Monday to Friday, 1.30pm. However, i only managed to watch it on Thursday and Friday due to my timetable. But it’s more than enough because i’ve watched it before and i kinda know the story. So, im afraid if i watch too much, i will start to feel boring with it. HAHAHAHA..xD

Here’s another video of Sheren Tang Sui Man singing “Nei Nei Nei Wai Liu Ngoi Qing” at Flower Palace Nightclub, originally Alice Lau’s voice. Enjoy ! =D


Honestly, i like Sheren Tang Sui Man very much. Her acting is superb. I first get to know her is from this drama. I found that she’s really got the potential in acting. But I hardly see her in any drama after that. Maybe I was still young that time, dont really pay attention on her or whatsoever.

Until this year, another drama that makes me recall back about her. Rosy Business or aka Gan Gwok Kiu Hung. Her acting with Lai Yiu Cheung (Chai Kau) in this drama really awesome. That’s why the drama get a lot of good comment from the audience. Really best of the best !! =)


Besides that, I’ve seen her in La Femme Desperado aka Nui Yan Mm Yi Jou on ntv7 and also The Family Link aka Si Lai Bing Tuen which is now showing on ntv7, 11pm.


All in all, i really admire Sheren Tang Sui Man. I hope to see her acting in more and more drama soon. Alright, last but not least, here’s a video on I Have A Date With Spring theme song by Alice Lau.


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  1. i love Sheren too c; glad to know someone else does too! and what brought me here was too much googling about Sheren c; and now i wanna get this on DVD (Y) thanks for sharing this :)

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