Feelings @ 30.09.09

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Finally midterms ended. No BIS assignment for this week. Feel so

good. Couldnt sleep well for the past few days, maybe it’s because of midterms, my pillow not good enough to sleep, or whatsoever. Rolling on the bed for 3 to 4 hours every night before

i get to sleep is seriously killing me.

It’s okay to sleep late if the next day doesnt have any classes. But there is ! It’s midterm

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some more. Slept for 3 to 4 hours then have to go for exams. Argh~ i dowan to live such life ! It’s crazy !

Besides, my face skin looks dull now. Very dull and dry. I look into mirror, and i really get scared of my own skin. Pimples are coming out everywhere on the face. I found that the mouisturizer that im using now which

is Clean and Clear is not good. Not moisture at all. =_= Wanted to buy a new one. Any suggestion, please?

Not only that, my stomach is in deep shit now. Feels pain everyday. Today even pain until i almost die. Pain until i get wet ! I mean sweat. I really dont know what’s wrong with my stomach. But i dont really wan to see doctor leh. =.= Hope it will be fine. Sigh~

And oh, today at 6pm plus, there’s a tsunami magnitude 7.6 in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia. I can feel the earthquake at my house too. Maybe there’s a lot of you who didnt feel it. But my house is definitely moving. I was sleeping on the sofa, and i felt it was moving. I thought, “Oh..there’s something wrong with my heart too. It beats so hard until my whole body is moving. Oh great.”

Then my brother asked, “Eh..can feel the shaking or not?” At that moment, i realized that it’s not my heart’s problem and quickly said “YES !” It’s an earthquake !! Oh..thank god my heart is fine. HAHAHAHAHAHHA~ it’s a true story you know? LOL~ xD

This is the second time i experienced earthquake. Not as in very serious. But still can feel the shake. The first time i felt the shake was the tsunami in 2004 if im not mistaken. That time i was using the computer, and i saw the door moving ! I thought it was ghost ! WTH ~! Really scare me. =.=

One more thing, i felt regret for saying dont want to go Hennessy Artistry @ Quattro which is on this Friday. Sigh~ No more free tickets. But still, tomorrow is the press conference day, yet i also dont want go even though i can get free passes. Well, i dont know why la. Just..nevermind. =.=

I have not going out for few weeks already, except college. No entertainment, no movies, no shopping, no trip. Just drama at home. I guess that’s what makes me feel so dull? I wish to talk to someone, although i dont know what’s my real problem. And..hopefully i can sleep well for the coming days.

please save me, i felt so weak

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  1. use de mask u bought for me from skin food la.. ;)

  2. weng > hahahaha.. will buy it soon i guess…xD

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